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Published: 2020-02-12 22:42:21
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Category: Natural selection

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Extinction is a natural selection process. Should humans strive to preserve a representative sample of all biomes or aquatic zones? I personally believe that we are already preserving when it comes to wondering if we are going to become extincted. We as human have a hard time not reproducing, this meaning most humans that become married usually begin having children within the first 5 years of their marriage if they havent married and already have children.

This being said we may not leave an carbon copy of ourselves but we are leaving genies that we carry as well as tradition and legacies that we uphold. We has humans dont understand the importance of preserving things, we are so focused on who has more than the other or who is worth more than the other that it never dawns on us that one day humans can be a thing of the past. Looking at the most important things of life now with is preserving and growth of things we are currently involved in.

Keeping the world a better place to live in so that we are in a good environment to continue preserving the things we need. Why should humans be concerned with the extinction rate? We should be concerned with the extinction and try and preserve the biomes and ecosystems that are present. Over time the ecosystem and biomes have evolved changed in some form or fashion that will leave us in difference from this particular time now. Its important to have something to be able to look back on for information and or instructions on how to change things that we as human may make a mistake and mess up.

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