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Published: 2020-02-07 22:50:25
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This article was full of information in the transition to adulthood. It begins with a history of becoming an adult. This article takes you through comparisons of the statistics from the past to now. This article gives you an idea on the difference between race and ethnic backgrounds. It also provides support for its findings. What I found interesting in this article is that back in the day, which young people viewed adulthood as a requirement at an early age. Nowadays young people are taking a lot longer to transition to adulthood, they are completing college and finding careers, I think is a great thing.

Children need to focus on their education and the opposite sex. I think it is important for young men and women to have a plan of action about where their life is headed. I think today we are more thinkers then doers, I think we are looking into the long-term affect more now. This also gave me statics on when the kids become independent, the past versus present, male, female, and race. I choose this article because I have a step son in the military; this article gave me ideas on how fast they are required to step into adulthood.

It was interesting to discover the difference between the age groups, races and what programs they are involved in. If I had to write a research paper this would be the article I would use. This is an interesting topic that I think I could take further. After reviewing this article I feel this is a creditable source, it has supporting facts and documentation to back up its findings, reads well the flow is right. This was definitely a very informative piece of work and you can tell the author spent their time and effort on this as well.

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