US- Alcoholic Beverage Drinking Occasions May 2014 Essay

Published: 2020-01-17 04:12:35
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Alcoholic beverage consumers, particularly Millennials, are constantly looking for innovative offerings to improve on their drinking occasion experiences. However, consumers diverse drinking preferences are challenging brands to keep their consumers coming back. Category crossover innovation and at-home beverage recreation can help integrate brands in multiple locations and new occasions. Browse Full Report With TOC: http://www. marketresearchreports. biz/analysis-details/alcoholic-beverage-drinking-occasions-us-may-2014 Table of Content Scope and Themes What you need to know Data sources.

Consumer survey data Generations Executive Summary Overview Cross-consumption of alcoholic beverage types Beer Figure 1: Alcoholic beverage purchases, by usage of beer any consumption, February 2014 Wine Figure 2: Alcoholic beverage purchases, by usage of wine any consumption, February 2014 Spirits Figure 3: Alcoholic beverage purchases, by usage of spirits any consumption, February 2014 Ready-to-drink premade flavored alcoholic beverages Figure 4: Alcoholic beverage purchases, by usage of alcoholic beverages any consumption, February 2014 Millennials top users across all alcoholic beverage types.

Figure 5: Alcoholic beverage purchases, by generations any consumption, February 2014 Experimentation drives many consumers; favorite brands make it easier Figure 6: Attitudes and behaviors toward alcoholic beverage purchases at retail, by generations, February 2014 Night remains most popular time of day to drink alcoholic beverages To Download Full Report with TOC: http://www. marketresearchreports. biz/sample/sample/206272 Figure 7: Occasions for alcoholic beverage consumption, February 2014 Wine preferred during meals Figure 8: Occasions for alcoholic beverage consumption, February 2014 More than a quarter of respondents drink solo.

Figure 9: Occasions for alcoholic beverage consumption, February 2014 Social gatherings at-home preferred Figure 10: Alcoholic beverage consumption locations, by beverage, February 2014 At-home consumption still popular: more relaxing and affordable Figure 11: Attitudes toward drinking alcoholic beverages, by generations, February 2014 Restaurants are top on-premise location for alcoholic beverage drinks Figure 12: Locations consumed away from home, by gender and age, February 2014 Consumer responsibilities often deter drinking.

Figure 13: Reasons for not consuming alcoholic beverages, by generations, February 2014 What we think Issues and Insights How can alcoholic beverages keep top-consuming Millennials loyal to brands? Insight What is driving consumers alcoholic beverage consumption: time or place? Insight With alcoholic categories forecast to see continued growth, why are some consumers drinking less at occasions? Insight Trend Applications Trend: Guiding Choice Trend: The Big Issue Figure 14: Michelob Ultra print ad, February 2014.

Trend: Mood to Order Innovations and Innovators Crossover between alcoholic and non-alcoholic categories Indulgent flavors At-home kits Portability To Read Complete Report with TOC: http://www. marketresearchreports. biz/analysis/206272 Marketing Strategies Overview of the brand landscape Theme: Rejecting the pretense of drinking Smirnoff partys off-premise Figure 15: Smirnoff, The Party, April 2014 Miller High Life highlights the modest man Figure 16: Miller High Life, Central Park, April 2014 Southern Comfort gets comfortable.

Figure 17: Southern Comfort, Shampoo Whatevers Comfortable, June 2013 Theme: Drinking as a relaxed activity for women Malibu offers women the perfect match Figure 18: Malibu, Just like the movies, September 2013 Figure 19: Malibu, The Setup, September 2013 Skinnygirl brings women together Figure 20: Skinnygirl, Savor Like A Lady, April 2013 Figure 21: Skinnygirl, Lighten Up Like A Lady, April 2013 Women take over Mezcal El Silencio Figure 22: Mezcal El Silencio, Guys Night Gone Wrong, April 2014 Theme: Cocktail Tutorials.

Jim Beam Figure 23: Jim Beam, Honey, Tea and Lemonade Recipe, July 2013 Grey Goose Vodka Figure 24: Grey Goose Vodka, Caipiroska: GREY GOOSE Vodka Cocktail, October 2013 Makers Mark Figure 25: Makers Mark, How to Make a Makers Mark® Mint Julep, April 2014 Hendricks Gin prints a recipe ad Figure 26: Hendrinks Gin print ad, February 2014 Contact US: Office: United States State Tower 90 State Street, Suite 700 Albany, NY 12207 United States Toll Free: 866-997-4948 Tel: +1-518-618-1030 E: [email protected] biz.

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