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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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The character personalities are important to the plays atmosphere each character brings a different benevolent, yet ferociously intense act to the play and without it I think the play wouldnt work to its astoundingly high potential, as it indeed shows. The characters show through in the way they speak and the actions that each different personality takes. Eddies character is of the hardworking man whom tries hard to earn the best living for his family. He genuinely wants the to help his family and provide the best care he can.

However, Eddies personality has a stubborn streak and he doesnt like to admit he is wrong or back down, more so when is dealing with Catherine. He seems to argue and disagree with everything she does or wants. Perhaps this is because Eddie doesnt want to lose her and his feelings towards her become increasingly stronger and more disturbing. As the play develops Eddies personality goes from the cheerful hardworking man who would do anything for his family to an angry, resentful individual. Eddies jealousy of Rodolfo and his desire for his niece, whom he can never have, results in Eddie hating Rodolfo and resenting him in having Catherine.

Finally Eddies character becomes out of control and his personality changes in the final few scenes into a man who is constantly out to cause trouble and prove his point. Although, all along he thought he was doing the best for his family, but he didnt realise or understand his feelings and thoughts for Catherine had finally gone too far and it actually led to his death. Catherines personality at the beginning of the play comes across as a happy, ambitious young women bust as the play develops her character becomes more melancholy and as Eddie disagrees with the things Catherine does she becomes more rebellious.

She too becomes more stubborn and as the play progresses you see how Catherine starts to grow up, albeit the hardest possible way with tragedy. Eddie, Im not gonna be a baby anymore This quote is in one of the scenes at the end as the play builds up to the tragic climax. Here Catherine finally comes to terms with the fact that she has to move on with her life without Eddies over-protective. Beatrices character isnt as obvious as the other characters as she isnt one of the most looked upon characters.

However, she is still an important character, Beatrice seems to be the only one apart from Alfieri who sees that tragedy will lie ahead. She constantly attempts to calm Eddie and make him see the error of his ways but she seems powerless to stop him. She cares about Eddie very much and wants the best for Catherine but she thinks that Catherine must get her independence and away from Eddie as soon as possible. Beatrice seems to be the main one out of the characters who fully notices Eddies growing desire for Catherine.

As this desire grows so does Beatrices frustration as she realises she can do nothing to prevent the final climax that she is sure is about happen. Rodolfo and Marcos personalities are almost opposites, although they are both from the same background, their outlook on life differs. Rodolfo personality is that of any young person nowadays or anytime. He wants a fun exciting life and America he has found it and his love for Catherine. He has a frivolous, light-hearted attitude to life because he has none of the responsibilities Marco does.

Rodolfo earns money and spends it, almost instantly on clothes and Catherine, this is one of the excuses Eddie uses to disparage Rodolfo. However, this is one of the things that attract Catherine, and Rodolfo is a genuine person who truly loves Catherine. Marco is serious, hardworking man who has responsibilities to feed his starving wife and children. Marco is a stronger more reticent man whose main priority is for his family. That is why when Eddie deliberately embarrasses Rodolfo Marco takes it as an offence himself and threatens Eddie subtly. He does this by showing his strength and power to Eddie.

The chair raised like a weapon over Eddies head¦ a glare off warning into a smile of triumph Marco here shows Eddie that he shouldnt with either him or his family, Marco still very much believes in Italian justice. As a director I would look at how the actors/actresses reveal the characters using movement, gesture and voice. Catherine is a particular important character in the play as it shows how her independence starting to shoe through and her adulthood starting to emerge. At the beginning of the play Catherines body language and gestures should be that of a child.

This is because she dotes on Eddie and, he is the father figure in her life and she acts like a child around him. She should speak like a child as well, asking for permission and pleading for approval from Eddie and Beatrice her parental guardians. I just got it. You like it? shows how she constantly asks for approval from Eddie for event the clothes she buys for herself. However, as the two illegal immigrants arrive and she falls in love with Rodolfo. Her body language should be that of any young women who is trying to attract someone.

Catherine starts to grow up and her gestures show that she is starting to become more independents and self-sufficient. She starts to go out with Rodolfo and stays out late. Here the actresss body language and voice should become more confident and decisive about what she wants. When Eddie voices his disapproval and threatens Catherines independence, wanting her to stay the little child she has grown out off Catherine feels afraid and tense. Her body language and gestures should show her shocked change she takes. She goes around shaken all the time, she cant go to sleep

This anxious attitude that Catherine starts to show should be shown through the actresses gestures, body language and her voice should be tinged with her troubles. However, as time goes on Catherine realises she must leave Eddie and start a new life with her fianci?? e, Rodolfo. When she finally sees what she must do her resolve hardens and she becomes the strong independent individual again. This should be shown in the actresses gestures, her head should be held high. However, Catherine still loves Eddie and this pleading for approval should still tinge her voice.

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