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Published: 2019-12-21 15:20:29
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One of my favorite movies is A Beautiful Mind. From start to finish, the movie is unpredictable. In the beginning, one would think that the main character, John Nash Jr. who is a brilliant mathematician, had a roommate named Charles Herman at Princeton University and is performing classified work to decode Soviet messages for the U. S. Department of Defense. As the movie progresses, one would realized that John was just hallucinating and the presence of Charles, Charles niece Marcee and William Parcher, a mysterious Department of Defense were products of his mind.

I enjoyed the movie not only because of the great performances of the actors but also because of the inspiring scenes in the movie. The plot has also brought the viewers to the era when people with paranoid schizophrenia were treated with a series of insulin shock in a psychiatric facility. The long term treatment seems to be unbearable for the patient and required months of hospital confinement. What I find so inspiring was the love, care and understanding of Johns wife Alicia. Alicia stood by her husband, and never gave up on him.

In addition, it was also remarkable to see the compassion and acceptance of Johns mental disability among his friends and colleagues at Princeton University at the time when persons with disability were not fully integrated in the society. The most moving scene for me was when John Nash was honored in a pen ceremony by his colleagues for his achievement and contribution in the field of Mathematics. Towards the end of the movie, John learned to cope with his schizophrenia and ignored his hallucinations.

He was also awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics in Stockholm for his research on game theory. This movie has opened the minds of the viewers and it has taught us that with proper medical care, family support, social acceptance and understanding, people with mental disorder can succeed and become productive members of the society. This is a great movie to watch especially for those who are coping with family members who are afflicted with mental disorders.
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