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Published: 2019-12-25 04:33:01
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Argyle has 69 sponsors this season that all helps the club in one way or another by sponsoring them money witch helps the everyday running of the club from security to help pay the team wages and transport to away games and keeping home park looking clean and tidy. scale and econmic importance Plymouth Argyle is of a great econmic importance to the city of Plymouth, the scale of with is involving people with jobs locally within the club to helping company sponsors like ginsters who takes on more staff as need to keep up with demans and getting their lines of food to the ground on time.

There is many people that benifit from the club like on match days there is over fifty security staff working keeping everyone safe,also catering staff selling the drinks and food threw out the game and staff taking tickets and money on the turnstiles leading up to the game. When the football season starts Plymouyh Argyle helps bring money into Plymouth and everyone locally benifits from this as every home game, home and away fans travel to Plymouth some spending the nite or more others just spending the day in Plymouth but during the duration of their visit they will spend money in our shops,pubs,clubs,food outlets and other places.

Role of education in the sport Plymouth Argyle play a big role locally to show people from all walks of life that there is plenty of jobs at a football club even if u cant play football, from being a cleaner or doing ground maintenance all the way up to being a member on the board. there are plenty of opportunies of all different kinds of jobs that may interest people to getting involved with there local team.

Plymouth Argyle runs many different kinds of clubs to educate people with day to day running that happens at the club. They ran a programme last year called kick off that helped people get back on track in life and do good and give a little back to the community. During this programme they taught them basic computer skills, built their confidence up and taught them other skills that may help them get a job in the future and keep out of trouble and not go back to old addictions.

Plymouth Argyle also educates children and adults on why they should keep to a healthy diet and the positives they will get from it, and why junk food is no good for them in many ways. Influence from media and sponsorship P1. 5. There is lots of influence from media to do with Plymouth Argyle. It can be good our bad for the club or the person or players involved, for example our local newspaper the herald does a write up about the club and how they did or whats going on.

It can be good to attracts people to come watch the teams next home game when the team is doing good or they have signed new players but it also has its down side when the team is not doing as good as expected and negative things are put in the paper or they get on at one player. Plymouth argyle has there own website run by the fans for the fans where they can get all the latest gossip speak to other people online watch clips of the latest games and managers comments on how the team preformed last.

This site is also first to get any breaking news to do with Plymouth argyle. Televised games has a big influence on the income profit for the club each season so the better the team does in the cup and the league the more chance there is to be televised by either sky sports or bbc what pays for the rights to televise the teams and helps both teams that our playing out and they get better national publicity and also get paid for there team being televised. Plymouth Argyle has over 70 sponsors this season including coca cola who sponsors the league that Argyle plays in.

The money that the sponsors pay to sponsors Plymouth Argyle gets used in many different ways from helping with the everyday running of the club to team transport, players wages, ground maintenance, and better facilities within the club for the fans and the players. The sponsors get a board around the ground advertising there company and some times get a mention at half time and some times get a few free tickets to a selected home game. p3. Employment Plymouth Argyle has many people employed behind the scenes that helps keep the club day to day running run smoothly.

There is over 70 members of staff that do there part thought-out the week without including the squad of players and the extra staff that is needed for the home games like security, police, catering staff and turnstile staff. Here our a few of the names and the job that they do for Plymouth argyle football club. Paul Stapleton who is the chairman, Robert Dennerly who is the vice chairman, Tony Wrathall & Phill Gill who are directors, Michael Dunford who is chief executive, Ian Holloway who is team manager.

All these People and many more play important roles within Plymouth Argyle football club. Without each Person playing there role then the club would not run smoothly and would struggle. p. 3. 4 Level of participants Plymouth Argyle play there football in the second tier of English football know now as the coca cola championship, it use to be known as the first division until coca cola sponsored the old division one ,two and three changing the name of all three leagues.

Plymouth Argyle is a well established team within the championship with this being there third season and been playing there football in the coca cola championship since it changed its name from division 1. Plymouth Argyles best position in the league and in the clubs history was last year where they ended up finishing 11th in the table. Financial turnover of the club. Here below is a table showing how the club as developed financially since 1994, and how the club itself as made a high percentage in profits and is still climbing. (www. footballeconomy. com/stats2/eng_plymouth. htm)

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