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Published: 2019-11-21 15:01:02
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One important character in the film A knights tale directed by Brian Helgeland is William Thatcher. William helped me understand the idea of following your dreams. William dreams of one day becoming a knight. He grew up in a place called Cheapside London with his father John Thatcher until he was sent away to work for Sir Ector. Sir Ector said that he had a spirit. When Sir Ector died, William thought that he could change his stars at that point so he jousted in his place. He then decided that with some training he could win money to feed all his friends.

As he did this he followed his dream of becoming a Knight. One Visual technique used to help me see that William is important is close up. Brian uses a close up in the first joust when William says I have waited my whole life for this moment. This shows me that he has followed his dreams and he is doing what he has wanted to do his whole life. Another technique used in this film is lighting. This technique is effective to show he is an important character because he is never in the shadows.

William is always dressed in light clothing and has fair hair giving the impression that he was a good person, unlike Adhemar who always wore darker clothes and was more in the shadows than William. An example of this is when William was in the jail room and Adhemar walked in, William was standing in the only light in the room and Adhemar was in the shadows. In conclusion, the character of William Thatcher was important because he teaches us to follow our dreams no matter how big they are and that anything is possible. The techniques that helped me to understand this idea were lighting and close ups.

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