A Night in New York City Essay

Published: 2020-01-11 07:21:21
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On a late Saturday evening I was studying continuously when suddenly I heard a monotonous and awful scream which made me run out of the house immediately. When I reached outside I could not believe what I had seen. A two-storey and turquoise coloured house had caught on fire. People were rushing in and out of their square shaped houses bringing huge and heavy buckets of water trying to extinguish the ravaging and terrible fire. I was behind the crowd panicking, trembling and feeling afraid looking at the horrible and awful sight. The three people, the father, the mother and their daughter were trapped in the house screaming and crying continuously in pain and anger. Some people tried throwing big heaps of blankets to cover the fire but it was of no use. Instead the fire was increasing dreadfully.

Others tried saving the helpless people from the burning house but did not succeed and received minor burns. I ran in the house, picked up the phone and called the fire brigade as quick as possible. I then ran outside and started helping the people who tried to keep the fire in control. In about five minutes the fire brigades had arrived showering loads of water on the house making all of us wet. The fire had extinguished and the people were saved but received second degree burns. They were rushed to the hospital immediately in a red and white ambulance. Everyone was relieved and really tired so they all returned to their respected houses peacefully. Only one thing was bothering us a lot, and that was as to how the fire had started.

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