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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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My Assignment 4 Persuasive Paper Part 1: A Problem Exists, will inform of the authors thesis on this paper. Additionally, the history of gun laws will also be incorporated in this paper. Moreover, this report will speak on several issues and or problems that author looks upon as unfavorable achievements, promoted by gun laws. Lastly, a conclusion for possible improvements if concealed weapons laws were not permitted will be included in this report. As we view the news and read newspaper articles, there continues to be ongoing stories and articles of school and workplace shootings and hostile environments.

It appears that individuals of society are even lashing out at the innocent, when things are not done as they may see fit. For example Sandy Hook shooting took the lives of many innocent children, who victims of a troubled individual. Due to the excessive murders that are being committed in schools and workplaces, at this time, the author still agrees that citizens should not be allowed to carry concealed weapons to schools, or the workplace. Georgia actually created the first gun control law in 1837. This Georgia law banned handguns.

However it was not long lived, because eight years later The Georgia Supreme Court deemed it unconstitutional and cited the Second Amendment as its basis for this determination. The Second Amendment states the right of the people to keep and bear arms (U. S. Const. amend. II, 1791). After the Civil War, Black Codes in several Southern States sought to prevent blacks from owning and carrying guns. That essentially ended in 1868, with the Fourteenth Amendments citizenship guarantee and equal rights clause (Goforth, 2013). Since then numerous laws have been debated and created.

The first problem with the right to carry conceals weapon within the school is the potential environmental concern for continuous mass murders. For informational purposes, We will begin with the definition of mass murder as four or more murders at a single location (a school, workplace, home or public place) (Hillshafer, 2013). There have been three significant mass school murders in the past 14 years. They are the 1999 Columbine High School Massacre, the 2007 Virginia Tech Shootings and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

In the authors opinion had the administration been allowed to carry concealed weapons the total of murders would have been escalated. Hostile environments more than likely create hostile situations and altercations. The likely explanation that Concealed Carry plus Stand Your Ground laws result in 600 more deaths per year is that a young man with a concealed weapon in an argument is more likely to escalate the dispute and think he is standing his ground (Hillshafer, 2013).

As the year 2013 begun there continues to be great debate and political issues on what the gun laws should be or what the laws should cover. In January, 2013 it was written The great American gun fight began this month with handshakes and smiles in a reunion of old foes at the Vice Presidents ceremonial office (Schered, 2013). This statement helps to enlighten us on the ongoing political rivalry that continues amongst our candidates.

Our American leaders should put focus on what will really save lives on the American people instead of what will make them more famous, prominent or a great candidate amongst the people. As we all maybe aware our country entered a recessional period in the year of 2008. At this time there were numerous lay-offs, Nationwide economic recession, which has led to cities and governmental organizational laying-off police and law enforcement personnel (Nykodym et al. , 2011). This was a period where economic issues were examined thoroughly and everyone was in search of a means to increase revenue.

Those layoffs led to increased crime rates in cities, which the author believes were then used for economic gain. Record high rates of concealed firearm carry permits issued to the public, motivated by a well-organized social movement for Second Amendment Constructionism, accompanied by increases in firearms and ammunition sales such that many dealers cannot meet customer demand (Nykodym et al. , 2011). This is unthinkable, but true the unfortunate layoffs boosted our economy on a different level.

The author beliefs are that it wrong to take someone elses misfortune for personal gains. In this situation, it could also cause the death of many innocent victims, because of the high rate of gun sales. In conclusion many aspects were discussed. Such as hostile environments, and the possibility of escalating violence with concealed weapons being present. Additionally, political gains were discussed on how candidates use gun laws as a chance for recognition. And the third point was the unfortunate economic use of gun laws.

Perhaps if concealed weapons are not allowed, escalated incidents would not arrive, because defendants/victims would not have that extra boost which causes an occurrence to end with gun fire. If candidates concentrate on the prestige of human lives and not political gain our society could be populated with more individuals who were killed due to unfavorable gun laws. And finally, maybe society should concentrate more on what would be ethically or morally suitable, such as the welfare of all humans. We as humans should stop looking for personal gain in every event that happens along the way.

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