A Scary Place in Louisiana Woods Essay

Published: 2020-02-08 03:20:33
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More than five years ago, I went with a batch of friends to one of the villages in Louisiana.  Being born from the far-end south of the state of [your state], it was the first time I had a great view of the vast, green meadows of the plain.  It was springtime, and we were having fun going around the brooks and the woods that are really prevalent in those areas.  We were eight friends all in all, and we were to stay there for almost a week.

It was fun and everyone just brought food and drinks and all that we can bring along to have a really wonderful time.  The place looked gorgeous¦ except that we had no idea”or I had no idea”that the woods would not really be that gorgeous at all.  I was somebody born to the city, and to go to places that are certainly silent did not bring anything to my mind but the thought that it would be the best spring I could have ever imagined!  I was wrong.

            The first three days in the cottage were really pleasant.  Our group went to and fro the green oaks there, and I got tired counting all the oak trees that were positioned so neatly along the roadside.  The pines were more difficult to count, I thought.  It was one of the many times I walked to the winding path amid the grass and the trees.  I didnt know why but I just loved the feeling nature has brought in to me; yet it was not so hot because trees usually blocked the sunlight, and there was a sway of some wind, as proven by the branches.

To my left was a swooping valley of green grass, and to my right there was nothing I saw but three things: trees, trees, and trees!  I enjoyed the feeling of not being alone but then wondered, was I alone?  I felt that I was not.  I called out to my friends: no response.  God forbid but I left my cellphone on the chair just before I went out for a walk.  I thought Billy was with me but now I cant see or hear anyone, and I guess Ive been walking for more than an hour already.  I stopped walking.  If Id been walking for, lets say, two hours, then it could be nearly six oclock, which is why the woods have, indeed, become dimmer and a bit misty.

Well, where was I?  I can see the brook northward, the pine valley far eastward, big oak trees westward, and just piles of grass southward.  I heard something moving between the branches somewhere in the far-side end of the brook.  Looking at the big oak tree stapled like a tower behind the brook, what did not enter clearly to my head entered clearly to my eyes: the picture of a handful of fire glaring fiercely red and floating mysteriously in the air just in front of that oak!  And it was moving so slowly to my direction, making me step back relentlessly to thump with a sudden jump southward to where I just came from.

A big black dog greeted me at my back, and what was really terrifying was that it had the eyes of man”the expression, the look¦ was that of a man.  I whispered a silent prayer and ran as fast as I can.  Never would I roam around an unfamiliar site of woods with no one but me to rely on in facing my adversary and my fear.  I felt angry that my friends have left me alone when they knew I was new to this place.  Thank God that black dog did not run after me but just stared at me right at my face.  I couldve fainted if it had run after me to my grave¦

What the incident taught me about fear is that, at a time of fear, there really is no one to stand for me or with me but myself.  I perceived fear when I realized that I was alone in an unknown place, with no one to hear me even if I shouted for help.  I perceived fear when I saw things (i.e., floating fire) that are not the usual things I saw in my everyday life: things that are truly mysterious, strange, and unexplainable.

I perceived fear when I imagined things that could have happened, such as what I imagined the black dog could have done.  Fear sprouts at times when we encounter strange things that stir strange sensation amid a strange environment.  I feared that the perceived fear would enkindle worse things and events that I remembered only seeing in the television.  I feared that what I perceived as fear would turn into something more than mere fear.  I perceived fear¦ and it was right to my own eyes!

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