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Published: 2020-04-22 15:27:31
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A seminar on Beginning For Beginnger was held at DKU at Faculty of Business Managemnet. This seminar was held on 9 June 2012-06-24. This seminar was begin on 2.00Pm 5PM. It was jointly organised by all part three student who take Mgt538 in this semester. The purpose of the Seminar was to talk about lessons and challenges in facing currunt enviroment on studies and future working enviroment. It focused mainly on the attitutes, styles and action that should be take to faced all the situation. All part three students whose take this subject are compulsory to attented this seminar. The Programme is given at DKU that situated in Faculty of Business Management. The seminar was given by Cik Noor Syuhada,caunsellor Uitm Seri Iskandar Perak.


The seminar was structured in a way that helped participants to walk through the issues, starting from the relevance of the organisational context, along the issues that have to be addressed, the intended or assumed and finally to the actual implementation. The objectives of the seminar were to provide insight in the issues, to identify the mistake ,and to discuss the possible approaches for formulating and implementing tools that can be take. In order to encourage discussion and a more focussed exchange of information practical sessions were scheduled .During these sessions participants could ask some questions and share thoughts with each other and the speakers.


The seminar participants agreed that :
1. This programs will help them to improve their knowledge on facing their future enviroment especially during their working enviroment.

2. Many participants were given a chance to ask any questions and they also were give a chance to share some idea or tips that will give benefits to all participants.

3. It is important that all parties to attends,it will give a common understanding about what these and other key terms mean.

4. The seminar have give them a lot of tips on attending interviews and facing interviews session that will improve their confident to facing that.


The side impacts that can be conclude from the seminar :

1. Some participants not focus during the seminar.

2. They playing games on their mobile phone, chatting, talking and etc.

3. Not all students have confidents to ask questions even they have intention to do so.

4. Sessions for students to discuss among themselves was not held.


Some recommendations that can be take are :
1. Small group discussion can be do in oreder to give participants share or discuss among themselves about the issues on the seminar.

2. Students should be ask to switch off their phone during the seminar.

3. Try to encourage students to build up their confident to share, ask or gine opinion during the seminar.


The feedback of the participants confirmed that the seminar was very much appreciated as well as that there is a pressing need for more practical approaches and for other opportunities to discuss the many issues. The speakers came also from different backgrounds and presented the audience with different practical experiences, insights, and views, both at an organisational and national level. It gave a good impression and understanding of the many perspectives. The seminar have improve knowlegde among participant and will benefits to them in facing their future working enviroments.

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