A study on motorcycle rider characteristic and behavior in Dhaka City Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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This study presents essential information relating to motorcycle rider driving behavior resulting from the questionnaire survey for riders. This survey was conducted along the top 5 roads in Dhaka city with the most number of recorded motorcycle road crashes in the past 5 years. This study also provides valuable information about their experiences when learning to drive, as well as providing a detailed examination of factors, past and present, which may have contributed to their current driving behavior.

The questionnaire has eight (8) sections that focus on riders personal details, driving experience and training, riding habit, opinion on road safety, road crash experience, motorcycle preference and anger and aggression test. The anger examination was made using the Deffenbacher Driving Anger Scale (Deffenbacher et al. , 1994) and the aggression examination was made using the Aggression Questionnaire of Buss & Perry (1992). The results of the rider survey were analyzed to yield significant variables influencing motorcycle road crash experience and frequency.

A total of 200 motorcycle rider participated in the survey. A video survey is also done to cross check the information given by the riders which is done along 3 important roads in Dhaka city. The purpose of this survey addresses a comprehensive analysis of the characteristics of passing maneuver of motorcycle. The characteristics of passing maneuver of motorcycle include (i) individual speeds and speed differences between passing and passed motorcycles; (ii) lateral spacing of passing and passed motorcycles; (iii) longitudinal distances from beginning and ending of passing event.

These findings can be used to develop more accurate procedures for the analysis of the quality of service of motorcycle paths as well as to develop a comprehensive simulation model. It is also hoped that this information will be used to understand the factors that place a rider at risk of becoming involved in a crash, committing traffic violations, and/or engaging in risky driving practices and inform road safety programs aimed at preventing rider from engaging in potentially dangerous driving behavior.

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