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Published: 2019-10-13 10:20:24
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Learning is an experience that requires some mode of transfer of knowledge from the source of the learning experience to the learner. More often learning is not automatic, that is, it is not a guarantee that learning experiences will be acquired automatically once they are presented to the learner. Sometimes learning experiences are gained thorough some repetitive actions. Assigning a task to a learner requires an understanding of the learners needs and then an appropriate articulation of these needs with the learning experiences and resources. Learning can be academic or physical (Peter, 1994).

Learning activities for the chosen tasks. In trying to assess the learner, some two tasks were performed where one is a physical activity and the other is an academic activity. And therefore two different lesson plans were prepared for the tasks. The lesson plans are prepared in an essay format. Jumping rope. The specific objective of this learning activity is that by the end of the lesson the learner should be able to perform the activity of jumping perfectly using a rope, that is, given a rope, the student should be able to use the rope and perform the task of jumping.

This is how the lesson will be developed. During the first five minutes, the teacher provides definitions of the available resources and the lesson in general. Then the next ten minutes, the teacher shows by teacher shows the student by using teacher demonstration method on how to hold the rope and go on jumping using the rope. Then the next ten minutes the teacher should ask the student to perform the task of jumping using the given rope. If the student fails to perform the task as expected, then the teacher should use the next five minutes repeating the instructions.

Then the last part of the instructional objective should be that the teacher should ask the learner which areas the learner felt were so tough on grasping the ideas. During this instructional session the following resources can be used. A rope, nice fitting and flat sole shoes preferably sports shoes, and relevant pictures of people jumping using the rope depending on the level of the learner (Abbey, 1996). Solving a two digit math problem. By the end of the lesson the learner should be able to solve a given two digit math problem.

The teacher should start the lesson by introducing numbers and digits and use the concept of addition of math problems using single digits, and then defining these terms to the student. During the five minutes the teacher should start by asking the giving the learner a simple single digit additional math problem to solve. Then using the next fifteen minutes using chalk and board method, the teacher should vividly show the learner how to go about in the process of solving a two digit math problem.

Then using g the next fifteen minutes, the teacher should give an assignment to the student involving the solving this kind of problem. Then lastly the teacher should ask the learner to identify the areas the learner felt were quite hard to understand. This instruction uses the following resources. A textbook recommended in the syllabus on solving simple math problems, pen and paper for the student, a chart showing the demonstrated problems and chalk and board for the teacher.

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