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Published: 2020-02-24 14:50:58
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The meaning of abnormality is deviating from what is normal, this sounds simple enough, but what do we classify as being normal. Statistical infrequency is one approach of trying to define normal and abnormality by using statics to identify certain behaviors within a population and does this correctly, but it does not however identify which behaviors within a population need treatment (undesirable). For example trait anxiety, someone with high trait anxiety would be advise to have some sort of treatment, however someone with low trait anxiety is hardly clinical abnormality and could be desirable.

So there would be seen to be a glitch in this definition of abnormality, as it does not define how behaviors maybe seen as desirable or undesirable. Furthermore against this definition of abnormality is that the statics only relate to one source of population and does not apply to any other age groups or cultures. Two more attempts of defining abnormality are the Failure to Function Adequately theory and also the Deviation From Social Norms.

Failure to Function Adequately basically means unable to perform a normal state of every day living, and it is the social groups them selves that contribute to determine what is a normal state of living, and if an individual is unable to function adequately, that would suggest that they have a abnormal behavior. Rosenhan & Seligman (1989) suggested seven concepts of abnormal behavior, that by then selves would not suggest someone is abnormally but if one or two of the behaviors did occur then the individual would be seen as being abnormal.

The seven concepts of behavior that Rosenhan & Seligman came up with was: Suffering-This is a key feature to abnormality but yet almost all normal individuals endure suffering, for example losing a loved one. Maladativeness- This behavior prevents the individual of making major life goals, for example creating a good relationship with another or unable to work efficiently. Vividness and unconventionality of behavior- This behavior is aimed at when an individual behaves differently in situations to those surrounding them.

Unpredictability and loss of control- Abnormal individuals behavior is often uncontrollable. Observer discomfort-This is even the observer fells uncomfortable with another individuals behavior. This concept of behavior may differ between other cultures. Violation of moral and ideal standards-this behavior concerns the established moral standards within a population, but the majority of people may fail to maintain those standards.

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