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Published: 2020-02-20 00:30:43
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Cyber crime is not a new thing that we hear today. It occurs all over the world including our country, Malaysia. Every day, these cyber criminals are increasingly showing their true colors. Many people have become their prey. One of the cyber crimes that are really popular is hacking. The causes of hacking are the hacker himself. They can do anything including hacking others computers and personal details. This happened when they feel depressed, jealous, and unsatisfied with a person.

Hence, they will take revenge and sabotage the person. However, not all the hackers have the intention to take revenge. Many of them just do it for their own sake. They wanted to get rich quickly so they dont care about how they get the money. The victims are usually artist, rich person or a big company. The effect of hacking can lead to the loss of data that store in the computer. Moreover, this can expose the sensitive data and personal information of victims.

At the end, the victims will suffer emotional disturbances and it is not impossible if I say the victims will commit suicide. Other than that, the victims especially for the big company, will suffer huge losses because of the hackers doing. What is sad here is that they would have gone bankrupt. In conclusion, these cyber crimes should not be taken lightly. If not, they will destroy more and more people each day. So for the hackers, please do not make others as a victim because of the immoral act of yours.

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