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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Continuing education is always a means of empowering oneself towards being able to offer more as a professional and as an individual sincere in making a difference in this world. In this era of technology and modernization many young people become immediately satisfied with the monetary benefits of a college or a masters degree and only few see the value in aiming for a doctors degree. Personally, I believe that many of these young people are correct in saying that even with a college and masters degree economic benefits can already tide one over the laps of luxury because the world is in need of technology experts and specialists.

However, I also consider pursuing a doctors degree in the spirit of paying it forward. While I already have a masters degree and can easily enrich myself economically, I am at the point in my life where I am more concerned with what I can give to society and the world, and not with what I can take from it. I am a dynamic and detail-oriented young professional aiming for more opportunities to be able to change and make the world a better place for all of us. I used to work at the Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City where I was recognized by the management as a professional and dedicated employee.

I earned my bachelors degree in Computer and Information Sciences from the King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 2007 after which I immediately proceeded to earn my Masters Degree in the Science in Management Information Systems from the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom. This particular masters degree had special focus on Business Process Management based on the SAP System, Strategic Information Management, Information Systems Development, and Financial Management.

My dedication and diligence in my academics paid off as I graduated from my masters degree with Merit. Now, I seek to proceed and earn my doctors degree to finally seal my educational journey and become more capable of making significant contributions to the field of information technology. My experience in the field is varied. I personally handled and conducted demonstrations on a new ERP project for automating HR processes in a 400-bed rehabilitation hospital & medical center.

This particular project helped the beneficiaries of the project a lot and it made me feel contented with being able to extend my technical knowledge in the service of others. In terms of knowledge transference, I was also involved in presentations on Tesco electronic channels as well as electronic commerce and ERP systems. I always feel like I am doing something important when I am able to share knowledge with other people and enable beneficiaries to appreciate the importance of technology.

I am also an advocate of improved government systems as well as the enhancement of basic services. In the past years, I have completed a dissertation on E-Government, titled, Evaluating User Acceptance of Electronic Government in Saudi Arabia. In keeping with my advocacies, I have also written critical analyses on business comparisons for Dell and EasyJet Airlines and BMWs recession strategy. To add to these, I have composed reports on the use of SAP in the ERP system of Porsche as well as on artificial intelligence and operating system security.

All these I did in the spirit of making basic services more efficient and more user-friendly. I have also collected requirements during strategic meetings with HR and finance senior managers, built plans to improve business processes with automation, facilitated re-engineering business processes for a new ERP system implementation for finance and human resources, and created an education institute website with a team; wrote an evaluation report.

On the outset, I do not consider what I have done as academic, professional, or personal achievements because I am more concerned with the changes that I am able to effect. In all these things, I had in tow my acquired excellent communication and human relations skills which I found very useful especially in explaining technological innovations to my clients and beneficiaries in very simple and understandable terms.

Apart from being diligent in trying to improve myself my true passion is in seeing the changes that I effect significantly influence the organizations that I have worked for and with. My doctors degree will therefore help me do more of what I had already been doing and build my capacities more in my advocacy of seeing better governments and improved basic services. The ultimate beneficiaries of all these are of course the public at large who are at the end of the receiving chain.

So, while pursuing a doctors degree is in fact a means of academic development, I view it as an opportunity for each of us to improve ourselves with the focus of improving the lives of others. At a time when technology is almost everywhere and when technology seems to be the basis for many of our daily activities, it is very important that each individual acquire a deeper and richer appreciation for technological innovations and advancements which are instrumental not only in making our lives convenient but also in raising the standard of living for society.

It would be my great pride to be part of the wave of technology that is currently sweeping all over the globe. I am confident that with a doctors degree I would be able to leave behind a legacy of difference with all the people who have benefitted from my tutelage as well as with all those who enjoy the conveniences of technology in areas where technology was previously unheard of. My desire to pursue my doctors degree is done in the sincere dedication to the welfare of all and to the advancement of technology in the service of man.

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