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Published: 2020-01-12 05:00:57
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Academic honesty is being able to say that your work is truly yours. This means that you did not copy someone elses work, or claim others works as your own. Academic dishonesty is a very serious problem and should be reported immediately. If someone is aware of a good friends academic dishonesty, that person should report his/her friend despite their friendship because cheating does not only demonstrate dishonest work, but also reveals a flaw in character.

When schools and employers look for candidates, they always look at previous academic work. Theyll look at grades, classes, and overall academic success. Cheating will only make these past references inaccurate and deceiving. Itll show better grades than what the student honestly achieved, which is why it is essential to report any academic dishonesty.

However, grades arent everything. More importantly, schools and employers look at your character. Its about the little things that one does. If someone is caught cheating, it demonstrates faults in character like dishonesty and untruthfulness. These are characteristics that no school or company looks for in an applicant and should be noted in academic records. They are very crucial. If an incident of academic dishonesty is gone unnoticed, it could be detrimental to the schools and companies that are misguided by this students inaccurate records.

But one shouldnt cheat just because of these reasons. It is immoral and wrong. If one is unable to answer a question, it shows his/her honest knowledge, and he/she shouldnt revert to looking over the neighbors shoulders or copying and pasting someone elses work. Cheating also hurts you more than it helps. Its worst for you when you dont get caught because it will only prompt you to cheat more, and you wont learn a thing, which is the whole point of school. Although you might come out with better grades, youll also leave with less knowledge and no morals. In conclusion, if you ever come across an incident of cheating, or even a suspicion, it should be reported no matter whom it was.

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