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Published: 2019-10-30 07:02:39
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A lot of students think that learning is only in class. If students use two extra steps, most students will not forget what they learned in class. To achieve effective learning, students needed to follow two extra steps in the three strategic learning processes. The key to success is by following these three strategies. Review is essential to student success. Unless content is reviewed by students shortly after it is learned, it will soon be forgotten. To avoid forgetting what you learned, it is recommended to review daily. It is also recommended to reduce large volumes of notes into point form and to paraphrase what you have learned. Other helpful tips include creating concept maps and diagrams; creating fact, concept or vocabulary cards and using visualization to better connect to what you learned. These are all important tools to helping students better understand and memorize lesson content. The key to achieving academic success cannot be directly correlated to one specific area. Rather it requires students to be overall rounded in many different aspects. This includes attending class regularly to keep pace with the class. Falling behind in studies or homework can be detrimental to academic success and can induce stress onto students. Participating in class activities and discussions are also vital parts of learning and applying concepts learned. On the other hand, taking good, concise notes will always help in the long run when reviewing for tests and exams. To sum it all up, strategic learning is the password for many academic achievements. Being exposed to knowledge is the first step in the journey, the fact that young scholars can learn and be a part of history is a phenomenal step in furthering their search to success. Reviewing notes, in the way the young individual wishes, by him/herself, or with a good friend, this will help him/her to understand what has been learned in a way s/he understands. Lastly practice is a great way to memorise what has been learned, when practice achieves its full potential, the individual wont only be entitled for a good mark, but also a way to view, under & think of things. Those three attributes will help scholars become more successful, but its important to one as it is to the other, and each and every person should find the learning strategies effectual for him/herself, and in extremely exceptional occasions even invent or innovate new strategies.

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