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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Adderall is an amphetamine based stimulant that targets your frontal lobe to increase productivity in cognitive thinking and learning. This drug was invented in 1986 and introduced into the market of prescription drugs four years later. There has been critical research and deep cross examination of the effects and effectiveness of this drug. This is an extremely sensitive topic for everyone all the way from the users to the top of the corporations that are marketing the drug to our youth including children as young as three years old.

Studies show that such a thought enhancing drug should not be distributed to children because it may seriously alter a young developing nervous system in negative ways. Even though many concerns have been raised by pediatricians and nutritionists the big pharmaceutical companies accept the risk and encourage children to continue consuming this drug. This is a big problem because there is so much contradiction surrounding this drug and the caution flags are being ignored. A research analyst named Alex Chen performed in depth research into the effects of Adderall on frontal lobe activity and behavior alteration.

Through his research, as shown in the article, he uses video games as an example. If someone very interested in any type of video game and is given Adderall, they would have little interest in playing the game that they normally would indulge themselves in and be much more attentive to abstract critical thought. On the other hand, if you give the same dose to a person who had little interest in video games they would show an abnormal amount of interest in the activity. This takes place when amphetamines are stimulating the brain.

People that do not have ADD or ADHD tend to get the opposite effect of the drug because their brains are producing enough dopamine to maintain consistent attention and awareness without stimulation from the prescription. Amphetamines work by stimulating your inhibitory area in your hypothalamus. This region of the mid-brain has two areas. One side of the midbrain inhibits hunger and the other part stimulates it. Seeing that these two areas are stimulated would create the anticipated effect.

The midbrain sends signals to the whole body that hunger is not a priority, this explains why there is never an urge to eat and food does not satisfy normally. Hunger, or the lack there of, is a huge issue when taking Adderall as a daily prescription. Doctors that prescribe this drug always lay heavy caution on the fact that this drug will virtually cut off your ability to be hungry. So when taking the drug for the first couple months you are required to take two day breaks every three days to allow your body to catch up.

Exploring the long-term effects of Adderall it is difficult. Extensive long term research does not exist because there has not been a sufficient time period to make definite observations about long term effects. The drug has been out for less than 30 years so an entire generation cannot be examined. With all stimulants there are possible cardiac effects. Amphetamines act as a stimulant, increasing heart pressure and repetitions. Effects depend heavily on your potential for heart diseases, and whether the drug is being abused.

It is very possible that people with ADD and ADHD are much more likely to acquire neurotoxicity because their receptors absorb significantly more than the receptors of those without Attention Deficit Disorder. This is the basis for long-term amphetamine neurotoxicity. Other serious long term side effects of Adderall include elevated blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, and sudden death. This drug has been recognized around the world by doctors and nutritionists as a very harmful and depleting drug. To this day, if you presented this information to your doctor they would most likely suggest that you keep taking the drug every day.

Adderall is prescribed in 5 mg, up to 20 mg and amounts vary depending on the severity of the ADD or ADHD. Since Adderall stimulates your brain it is easy to become dependent upon this drug. Adderall is basically a cocktail of various amphetamine stimulants and is often referred to as prescription speed. Because it is similar in makeup to illegal methamphetamines, it is highly addictive (Adams). Over time like any other drug your body will build a resistance to it, making it necessary to either up your dosage or take it more often.

This process is the stairway through which progression and can be horrifying to a erson who is prescribed Adderall and becomes dependent on the drug to be able to focus and retain information. On the other hand, Adderall is used by many people throughout the world and is a very useful and helpful drug to those who need it. ADD and ADHD are hyperactive disorders that make it nearly impossible to focus and pay attention in a school/university environment. In this case Adderall is a savior to most people and if used without abuse it can be controlled to a healthy, moderate amount.

Adderall allows the user to become more focused, be calm, and suppresses activities that would otherwise hinder ones ability to study. Necessities like drinking, eating, and sleeping are some of these activities that are overlooked once under the influence of Adderall. Depression is an area where Adderall is very effective as it increases activity in your frontal lobe, which increases brain activity and overall cognition. Working out on Adderall can be a fatal and very damaging thing to do to your body. It is a stimulant, which by definition induces temporary improvements in either mental or physical function.

Stimulants slow your heart and increase brain function by a substantial amount. Since your heart has to increase its beats per minute when working out to get enough oxygen to your body, your heart can become strained and cause a heart attack, heart palpitations or sudden death if not preformed cautiously. The deeper I look into the side effects of this drug the more potentially fatal issues I discover. Overall this drug seems to be very dangerous but extremely beneficial to those who need it and can use it effectively without abusing it.

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