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Published: 2020-02-08 07:51:59
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When I was a child there was nothing more I loved then creating an adventure within my own backyard and mind. I pretended to navigate through the woods as Sacajawea did when she traveled thousands of miles with the expedition of Lewis and Clark. My favorite adventures included abandon hunting shacks or forts in the woods. I would use these forts as shelter and create my own town around them. The best forts were always the oldest and most decapitated ones, the ones that looked like they been there for several decades. I would conjure up different stories to what type of people and the uses of the abandon places I would find.

As it was no surprise that I loved the outdoors, my father never thought twice about allowing me to discover a new journey in the woods. It was the middle of December and I had just finished breakfast and decided to go for a morning walk with my fathers dog Smokey. Smokey loved the outdoors just as much or even more than I did, she was a great companion accompany me along my journey. The morning was bright but cold as the sun glistened off the white blanket of snow. The snowflakes were big and fluffy, ideal for catch on my tongue. As Smokey and I ran down the narrow path into the woods our foot prints slowly disappeared as the snow fell.

I never thought twice about how we would find our way back. All I was concerned with was finding a new and exciting spot to explore. Although my concerns suddenly changed when Smokey decided to run ahead of me and cross the small stream in which followed the back property line of my fathers. As I called for Smokey to come back I contemplated following her or head back in hopes she would follow. To my surprise as I turned the other way, Smokey had her own adventure in mind and had no intention with staying with me. I followed Smokey over the stream further into the woods. I began hearing gun shots in the distance.

I look behind me in hopes to see my own tracks to head back home, but to my disappointment the snow was falling quicker and had covered my footprints with a fresh blanket of snow. I continue to search for Smokey calling her name, I heard the fear creeping up in my voice as I began to realize I was Antone lost alone in the woods. I walked in the direction I thought we came from to find and old abandon trailer. This finding would have been exciting but this time I was frighten even more, with the windows boarded up and a small fire pit near by, I began to think I wasnt the only one the in the woods.

At this point I began to panic and started to cry as most girls at ten would. I stopped and listen for any noise and once I composed myself I could hear the traffic from the road. I thought this was my best chance of finding my way home. I headed towards the sound of the traffic praying I was headed in the right direction. I continued walking till I hit a neighbors backyard. The decision was made, I had no other choice but to ask the neighbor where I was at that point. A man answered the door as I stood there eyes watering, nose sniffling and rosy checks from the cold I simply asked can you help me? The man let me in and his wife came to the door, she was very concerned as it was clear Ive been out for some time.

I told them where I was staying and he thankfully knew my father and agreed to take me back just down the road. The truck ride back to my fathers couldnt have been more than ten minutes but I felt I was hours away from his place. As I arrived I saw Smokey running to the truck to greet me, as if she was wondering where I had been all this time. I was so happy to be back and able to thaw out by the fire. I would have to say this adventure was one I would never forget and completely thankful for the neighbors hospitality.

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