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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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When we take medications using western medicine, one thing we know is for sure, we will be treated. But what we dont know is that there is always the other side of everything. Not all drugs are safe. Some may be even give us even worse illnesses. In other countries, there are more than 3% of all deaths seem to be caused by adverse drug reactions to medical drugs, according to research. On the contrary, Philippines dont have a high risk of deaths that causes these because here in our country, we rely on those alternative medicines or herbal medicines. It is a lot cheaper but actually, it doesnt have those therapeutic claims so it has a minimal assurance of being treated with the sickness. With these, we choose to use Western Medicines as well. Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) is the response of our body to those unwanted and unintended effects of the drug. Western Medicines are big examples of these. It may be more effective but it is expensive as well. No medicine is risk free. In fact, we dont know that what we think will treat us, is actually what kills us. There are situations that may trigger the harmful effects of the drug:

1. Wrong diagnosis of the patients condition. 2. Wrong prescription or wrong dosage of the drug. 3. Undetected medical, genetic of allergic condition that might cause a patient reaction. 4. Self-medication with prescription medicines. 5. Not following the instructions for taking medications. 6. Reaction with other drugs (including traditional medicine) and certain foods. 7. Use of sub-standard medications whose composition and ingredients do not meet the correct scientific requirements, and can be ineffective or dangerous. 8. Use of counterfeit medicines with no active ingredients or wrong ingredients, which can be dangerous or fatal.

Even when the above situations are avoided, all medicines have side effects and some can be damaging. The effects on any treatment with a medicine cannot be predicted with absolute certainty. All medicines have both benefits and potential for harm. The risk of harm can be minimized by ensuring that prescribed medicines are good of quality, safe, effective, and used by the right patient in the right does at the right time.

Here are some examples of medicines that have adverse reactions on them:

No drug is without risk and all medicines have side effects, some of which can be fatal. People in every country of the world are affected by drug adverse reactions. In some, it costs such as hospitalization, surgery, loss of productivity, and exceed the cost of the medications. Somehow, with the right usage of the drug, it can be preventable.

Case Study:

This is all about the adverse effects or harmful effects of Western Medicine. This is not a common issue in the Philippines since we patronize traditional medicine like herbal medicines. But in other countries, it is one of the most cases of death. The problem is not all people are aware that Western Medicines can be dangerous and fatal when used most especially when misused or used without further knowledge about the drug. What we think is that we will be treated because of the active ingredient of the drug.

Also, it is a lot expensive so we expect a high quality and more efficient drug. Studies have shown that we cannot really rely to these kinds of medicines because we have no idea what it can affect our body other than treating our illness. For example is Ibuprofen. Yes, it can treat headaches but it can also cause deafening. Little effects like these may worsen with continued use as time pass. I am not saying that we need to stop using Western Medicines. They are a lot helpful though because they are more effective. We just need to be more cautious in using them.


a. Moral Standards: The physician and the pharmacist as well must know every detail about the drug before prescribing and dispensing it to the patient. They must know everything about the patient so that they will prevent harmful reactions that may occur. As health-care professionals, they must educate the patient on what drug they are taking, how much dosage they will take and when will they take it. As the patient, we need to be very careful about the drugs that we take especially when we dont know much about it. We may ask our physician as well as the pharmacist about it.

b. Legal Standards: Pharmaceutical companies or drug-makers are required by law in all countries to test their drugs on healthy and patient volunteers before making them widely available. These clinical trials show how well a drug works for a defined disease and what potential harm it can cause. Medicine safety must be followed by careful patient monitoring and further scientific data collection. Physicians and Pharmacists must also do their part on ensuring that all the drugs they prescribe and dispense are safe for their patients.

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