Advertising in Schools: in Public Education System Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Throughout the United States, the faltering economy has drastically affected the employment and income of its citizens, consequently resulting in the deterioration of public education system. In our San Diego Unified district alone, it is estimated that the budget deficit will reach $80 million (VoiceofSanDiego). The lack of funding towards public schools could possibly hinder the attendants ability to learn and advertising from corporate sponsorships could provide the necessary revenue to close the schools budget gaps. According to the National Education Association it is estimated that 100,000 schoolteachers nationwide lost their jobs preceding the start of the school year, to protect the employment of our districts schoolteachers drastic modifications must be implemented. Plausible solutions are to mirror the example of Minnesotas St. Francis School District who under economic hardships gained $230,000 from the selling of ad space thus protecting the jobs of their employees.

However, critics argued the advertisements might impede a childs learning, this problem can be solved with ease by promoting brand names in our yearbooks or scoreboards that have little affect on the education of the students and would still bring substantial profit to our school. The selling of ad space in school buses can also offset the daunting costs of educational equipment and vital school programs. Our schools transportation system has recently made cut-backs due to lack of funds, however by displaying local sponsors, the profits can be incorporated back to the schools budget. Being that the target audience is passing spectators, the ads have no negative affect on the students and School districts say its practically free money and advertisers love the captive audience school buses provide, quoted ABC News. Averaging a rate of $230 per month, one meager school bus advertisement stands to make $2,300 in the school year where a majority of the revenue goes directly to the school district.

Sponsored advertising could benefit the financial shortcomings of our schools on all aspects; yet, criticizers continue to repudiate the progress because the advertisements easily captivate a highly susceptible audience. This detrimental factor can be used to the advantage of faculty and parents with constructive advertising. Endorsements that promote a healthy lifestyle and diet rather than sugary sweets can aid in the development of our minors. Similarly, ads such as publishing associations could pay to endorse books and other didactic apparatuses in libraries or classrooms that would encourage learning for schoolchildren. For these reason corporate advertising can be accepted into our schools without the apprehension of children being negatively influenced. These economic problems pertain especially to our district and plausible solutions should be exercised. Scripps Ranch High School can adopt these techniques to ease the budget deficit; envision our school advocating a sponsor such as KPBS in our library or even our sports teams exhibiting sponsored attire of Puma for the sale of ad space.

Our school does not have to brave this recession with only cut backs it is time to raise our commission for a change, for the sole benefit of our school. Nationwide, the current economic downturn has forced schools to employ budget cuts and teacher terminations. Advertising in our schools could become an efficient means of alleviating the budget deficit and the extra revenue would go towards preserving the jobs teachers and other school programs. This source of unrestricted revenue is difficult to deny and our school can hardly afford to surrender more extracurricular activities. To protect the sanctity of Scripps Ranch Highs superb educational system additional income must be utilized and with minimal effects, corporate advertising is an unparalleled example of a money generator.

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