Aesthetics and Beauty Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Beauty is everywhere. This world is full of beauty and anything can be considered beautiful. By definition, beauty is a combination of qualities present in a thing or person that pleases aesthetic senses or brings satisfaction. Its not just a persons outward appearance that can be defined by beauty, beauty can be anything. Beauty is subjective and it has many criterias for an object to be considered beautiful. No matter how anyone can describe physical beauty, it is a conclusion that beauty is based on the beholder which catches attentions and holds an inner meaning behind it.

When describing a certain thing as beautiful, it catches interest of the speaker. If by example, a person in an art exhibition finds a certain painting beautiful, that person would then have a sense of affection towards the painting. It can either be like or love of the painting that caused the person to describe the painting as beautiful. Beauty can trigger a person to have that awe-inspiring moment. These moments means that a certain object has the appearance of personal perfection. Whether it is crisp, shiny, sharp or even a greater sense of interest towards the object, beauty is the word to describe it.

Beauty overloads ones aesthetic senses so that it grasps attention of the viewer. Because aesthetic sense is based on ones preferences, it is different among others. Beauty contains a deep meaning and satisfaction. There are many other descriptive words like cute, good looking, gorgeous, etc. but, using beautiful is a more powerful descriptive word. This is because beauty is like another word of perfection and that it has plenty of meanings in itself. By saying Youre beautiful to a person, means that the speaker is satisfied with the persons appearance and that it completes ones preference.

In a way, it is like saying You have perfect appearance. Beauty is more than a word, that contains a deeper meaning behind it. Its all about opinion when describing something as beautiful. A person could argue that the famous picture of Mona Lisa is beautiful, while the person next to him would disagree. Everyone has a different criterion of what beauty actually is. The popular phrase beauty is in the eyes of the beholder reinforces that beauty is opinionated. Since every person has their own opinion of what beauty looks like, beauty would always be different. It is because of this that everything can be beautiful.

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