Air pollution in large modern cities Essay

Published: 2020-02-02 08:31:11
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Pollution can be referred to as the scourge of the 21st century. Its effects are felt by the whole world both in the developed and developing countries. The greatest contributor to air pollution is emissions from cars that use fossil fuels. One way of ensuring that motor vehicles reduce the impact of air pollution, is the use of cars that draw on clean fuels for instance bio diesel and ethanol or by use of electric cars. Another way is by use of public transport. Public transport can reduce tremendously the amount of air pollution emitted when people drive in their personal vehicles.

In this discussion, Ill highlight the advantages that come with the use of public transport over personal means in relation to air pollution (David. 2010). Most of the personal cars used in our roads are not fuel efficient. Therefore they contributed greatly to pollution through exhaust emissions. To reduce this, there is need to trim down the number of private cars in our roads. Driving personal cars to work is a mistake that has both health and economic consequences for all the people living in this planet.

It has been found out that the greatest contribution an average citizen can make towards air pollution is by driving a car. Thus by use of public transport, the overall air pollution emanating from the many personal vehicles can be reduced when the same number of people use public means (David. 2010). Therefore driving less can contribute positively towards reduced global pollution. In order to achieve this, there is need to improve the public transport in major cities around the world.

For instance, introduction of electric trains as a public means can effectively reduce air pollution. This means is fast and environmental friendly and should be adopted by all governments as a measure to curb air pollution from personal vehicles. If implemented, it can act as an incentive towards more people using public transport as a means of commuting (David. 2010). In conclusion, the use of public means of transport is the more immediate solution to the problem of air pollution.

But this should be accompanied by efficient modes of public transport. For instance, introduction of electric trains as a means of transport in many countries can greatly reduce pollution. Other modes that are pollutant free should be encouraged as much as possible to minimize air pollution from burning fuels. Car pooling can also be utilized and encouraged through giving priority to car pools. List of reference: David, D. Kemp. (2010). Exploring environmental issues: an integrated approach. New York: SAGE.

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