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Published: 2020-01-06 21:21:08
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I am writing for a number of reasons, As your father I feel really guilty for not being there for you and your mother for so long but If there is one message I would want you to hold in your heart always it is this you are loved unconditionally. that my love for you is not decided based on how you act, what you say or what happens on any given day. There are no conditions and the love is given freely to you Jose. I had never thought about what it would really feel like to have a child? To watch them grow and learn the ways of the world. I am often in awe at their wonder, their pure joy in the magic of life. But all at the same time I hurt when I see you Jose. But I know that you must experience life not just the small bits all of it, even the pain and the hurt it can bring.

Although you and I have been in each others life for almost a year I want you to know, every day I see you becoming more and more yourself. I thank your mother for the hard work she has put into you because it must have been hard on her raising you own her own but I see that I have nothing to worry about because your Mother has raised an independent young woman, and I congratulate you on finishing your HSC and starting university, and I see the confident, strong individual I want to help you become.

More than anything, that is my job as your father, to give you the guidance, support, freedom, and love to be who you are and who you want to be. It isnt always easy, and Im not always good at it. I get frustrated more than I wish I did. I yell more than I wish I did. When we butt heads, it is because I see my own insecurities reflected in yours like when you called me from school because you hit another girls nose with a book. Your mother and I want you to see the world stretched out before you, want you to see all the possibilities and potentialities and not be afraid of them, want to you be excited by your own abilities to shape your worlds, to change your futures, to make things right and better and beautiful.

Jose if there is one thing I am thankful for it is you, Jose it hasnt even been a year and yet and you have shown me what others long and search for many years, and that is love before I thought I had everything I had a great job, car and girlfriend but I always felt something was missing and you have shown me what I was missing.

You are young and is still growing, and you are powerful. Know this, in your hearts, if nothing else. Even when you doubt it, or are scared or unsure, you are amazing, and you are never alone. Just as you are exploring and learning and making mistakes, so am I, as your father. But as your father, I am also doing all I can to make sure that you know that all of that is okay. And you, my Jose, my amazing Jose, are becoming who you are meant to be. I will help when I can, and get out of the way when I need to. But I will always, always be here, watching, amazed at who you are becoming. And if there is anything you need I am only a phone call away.

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