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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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llI would say that one of the key elements of symbolism in Kaspar Hauser was the narrators room. He only has a bed, no window, and is locked out from the other side of the door. The only thing to keep him company in the room is a mouse and that troubled me. I wondered why he never had any visitors. Even those in prison get visitors periodically. The worst part about having a mouse for company is the fact that he never actually sees the mouse, he just knows that the mouse is there.

He basically described the room as the thought of being in a prison cell and I think those thoughts and views about his physical surroundings spurred from the thought that he felt imprisoned in his own life. The narrator feels as if he does not have a fatherland and it seems as if he has resentment towards the people who do feel like they have a fatherland. When he mentions Anastasia his language uses references such as us. I speculate that she signified the cause of why he left Greece and probably the motive of why he doesnt want to go back.

Im assuming she may have been some type of significant other and their relationship ended on bad terms. He had no desire to return home and I assume she may be the motivation to keep him far away, and for four years at that. Home may remind him of her or stir some negative feelings of rejection and hes attempting to avoid it. He also speaks a lot about the Spanish girls as if he has a lot of experience being around them and that made me question if Anastasia was Spanish and if the girls remind him of her.

Overall, the narrator does live a very lonely and seemingly sad life. It seems as if the narrator is extremely lonely and feels trapped by his own life. It also does not seem like he even wants to make relationships with others after hes moved away from the situation. The narrators views about his room and his life in general were related to being a prison in all areas. When I first read Allah Is Not Obliged, two things stood out for me greatly in the story. First thing was the funeral oration, which is a speech on honor of someone who is dead.

The fact that the book is written through the eyes of a child soldier, the concept of death is not necessarily a rare thing in his eyes. Second thing is the repetition. Sometimes the author repeated information, even full paragraphs, about different situations. Such repetition has a way of bringing out the ineffectiveness of trying the same things over and over again. The authors writing is extremely bold. It has a F you all attitude. His choice of words were intriguing and sometimes might even make you blush but its nudity and audacity is what makes it aesthetically wonderful.

When I first read the story, I was most surprised by the narrators age. I guess its not considered taboo or offensive for children to swear and use foul language. When I read and found that the narrator was an African child who doesnt know French, I grew intrigued on what he had to say. The universal message that I get from the story is that our life experiences are an indication of our maturity and what we can handle as people but they can also hinder us from learning the necessary lessons needed to survive in life.

The story made me realize that we all need to be appreciative of what we have and to make lemonade when life gives us sour lemons. The similarities between the two narrators are that they both suffer from extreme loneliness and it causes them to feel alone no matter where they is. Neither one feels a sense of family or have any kind of relationship with anyone around them. It seems that their current situation in life is their end station, whereas theres nowhere to go from there.

Although Kaspar Hauser vaguely talks about Anastasia in the story, she seems to have been his only other bond with another person. I think that the narrator has very negative feelings towards other people and it may be because of Anastasia. I could say the same thing about the narrator of Allah Is Not Obliged and his relationship with his mother. Both narrators give the notion that he has surrendered all hope on making a difference in life for himself. They do not act like there are any intrinsic desires to move forward to anything else in order to be content.

The point is that our parents were only supposed to give us life and what we do with it is up to us, for we may not know how its going to turn out. We cant base life on relationships with others because people will always let you down, one way or another. Allah/God will not/doesnt have to tell us every move he makes on earth but we will know after he moves. I think the objective of these stories was to show us that although life isnt always pleasant, you still have to keep pressing on and do what you have to do in order to endure.

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