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Published: 2020-02-01 07:12:48
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Racism is the conviction that the members of one race are inherently superior to the members of other races. This conviction is often manifested by discriminatory or abusive behavior and practices towards the members of the supposed inferior races. Often the expectations and characterizations of one race concerning another are based on these prejudicial beliefs. Racial prejudice is an insidious moral and social disease affecting peoples and populations all over the world.

It is diagnosed by the cataloguing of its various symptoms and manifestations which include fear, intolerance, separation, segregation, discrimination, and hatred. While all of these symptoms of racial prejudice may be manifest, the single underlying cause of racial prejudice is ignorance. Historically, a race of people is defined as a population with distinguishable biological features. In the United States racial discrimination in a form of racial segregation was legal until mid 1900s.

Historically racial segregation is a physical separation and provision of separate facilities. But the legally enforced racial segregation comes to an end due to the growing number of Afro-American activist who joined the African-American Civil Rights Movement. Some of the success of the Civil Rights Movement can be attributed to the invention of the television. The taping and broadcasting of the imagery of civil rights workers, sit-ins, marches and clashes brought to mainstream or middle Americas conscience the severity and inhumane treatment of African Americans.

Through the efforts of Pres. John F. Kennedy and his successor Pres. Lyndon Johnson, the Government approves the bill The Civil Rights Act of 1964 . To fully realize the end of racial segregation a series of civil rights act has been implemented by the government such as Civil Rights Act of 1968, Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1988, and the Civil Rights Act of 1991. But despite the efforts of the government to put an end on this racial segregation racism in America will never end.

America has had a long history of racism. Racism has infiltrated every aspect of American society and shows no sign of decreasing. This fact is more easily understood if racism is viewed for what it really is at its core: an institutional ideology. It is a misunderstanding to equate racism with the evil-minded treatment of one individual to another. Racism is more than just personal hatred. No, racism is allowed to subsist because it is fostered and maintained by institutions and government, however unwittingly.

Even if individuals within groups or members of a corporate hierarchy determine that the practices of a particular institution are racist, those individuals would be hard pressed to bring about change. Reference Racial Prejudice What Is It? , Retrieve October 20, 2007 from http://www. allaboutpopularissues. org/racial-prejudice. htm What is racism? , Retrieve October 20, 2007 from http://www. allaboutpopularissues. org/what-is-racism-faq. htm The History of Racism What is the state of race relations in 21st Century America?

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