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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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* A rushing Feeling of anticipation and excitement takes over you as youre taking the journey through the maze called the parking lot. * Arrive at destination and a million things trickle in your head similar to look how big this place is or which rides should I attend to first and many more. * Theme parks are a sense of liveliness.

* Everywhere you look; crowds of people are in high-spirits and have a bundle of energy. * Children and teens of all ages dash over to rides to get in the front row. * There is laughter, people talking, people happy or down. * Kids tugging on their parents clothes to beg for things they want. Mommy can I go on this ride? * The main attractions are mainly the roller coasters and rides. This includes rides that twist, turn, flip, sling, go fast, go slow, and sometimes get you soaked in water.

* Amusement Parks are so massive that people can get lost. * They provide maps that have pictures and the title of the certain events or places of the park this way people know where they want to go first and how to get out. * Some theme parks not only have rides but tamed and trained animals that can do tricks to entertain the audience and then there are animals that are behind glass windows casually walking around or doing something with their partners in the area they sleep in.

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