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Published: 2020-02-11 06:51:38
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Analysis SWOT

The forces of an organization are used to compensate for their weaknesses, capitalize on opportunities and counter threats.


Apple has an excellent reputation as one of the best technology companies worldwide, remained loyal to its customers in designing their products. Apples power means not only attract new customers but also retain existing ones with new products and services, which offers the company the opportunity to extend their products. Currently, Apple is the only company licensed to manufacture the computers running the Mac operating system Apple systems continue to be a force for the company since the closure of the operating system, reducing leaks viruses and spyware, such as those affecting the Windows system (Apple Inc., 2009).


One of the weaknesses affecting Apple is not a leader in the computer market. The Mac operating system, has a minority share in the computer market, which is dominated by manufacturers who use competent operating systems like Windows. Another weakness is its failure to be completely independent. The company depends on components and services offered by third parties, many of which are outside the United States. Finally, Apple invests heavily in research compared to other companies that play in the same field (Apple Inc., 2009).


One of the opportunities that Apple is to be the leading operating systems, shifting from first to Microsoft. Usually, Apple looks for ways to highlight innovations that somehow ridiculed Microsofts operating system. Finally, Apple should take strong forces and attack the image of Microsoft. Another opportunity for the company is to take advantage of the Mac operating system as it is a safe and reliable. Apple can leverage to gain advantage over other operating systems. Another opportunity available is to develop new technology products. Apple can take advantage of its market position to introduce new technology products.


The company faces aggressive competition in all areas of business. Markets of laptops, mobile communication devices, electronic equipment, software and services are highly competitive. These markets are characterized by rapid technological advances in hardware and software level, which have substantially increased their capabilities, use of laptops and other electronic devices, introducing new products competitive in price, functionality and performance (Apple Inc., 2009 .) There are many products in the same innovation, rapid market movement that replaced Apple products. IPod and MP3 as the currently dominant in the future might be completely different. Wireless technologies could replace the need for a music player.

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