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Published: 2019-10-30 21:41:45
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It has been essential to create active media wherein students can actively apply concepts and theories learned in class. These ideas provide opportunities for every educator to gauge each ones capability and bring out specific skills that can make them competent in the subject matter. Since the concept of facilitation involves the incorporation of interactive technology in areas of healthcare technology, it is essential to elaborate and point out types of media that can be included in the application of course design. Classroom Message Boards

One relevant method that can be used in the facilitation of understanding ethical issues in healthcare technology is the use of message boards. Under this process, students are expected to use the Internet via virtual classrooms to communicate topics and view instructions necessary for gaining competency on a specific case (ASTD, 2006). This in turn necessitates increasing opportunities for students and participants to express their view and ideas that may have been hampered by constricted time and other factors inside the classroom environment.

Such idea becomes feasible especially if the overall objective of the educator remains rooted on implementing competence on the topic being discussed. Evaluating on this method, classroom message boards are an important instrument in enhancing teaching methods. This practice serves as a tool in intensifying the ability of an educator to engage students in active discussions (ASTD, 2006). To actively apply this, using an on-line classroom may be appropriate. Moreover, the teacher may need to provide his/her instructional and training video that can help students browse through these system with relative ease.

Under this condition, both parties can maximize and develop active ways not only in communication but sharing of information that is relevant for their individual growth. On-line Blackboards Another essential technological delivery option available is using on-line blackboards on educating students about the ethical issues in healthcare technology. This component looks into the provision of creating specific tasks and responsibilities for both students and teachers (Blackboard Inc, 2009).

Such actions can revolve from the creation of courses to the inclusion of material and objectives necessary for its completion. These in turn provides effective usage of cooperative and collaborative tools needed to enrich the learning experience of students. Applying this to the current classroom setup, the overall idea here involves creating programs aimed at making students appreciate content online and encouraging students to research, post, and incorporate lessons to responses.

In here, online interactions are encouraged among participants as they come up and share their thoughts and responses in a particular health topic. This can then result to greater understanding of the ideas and principles surrounding the concept discussed (Blackboard Inc, 2009). These exchanges in communication via threads are one option for educators to check how the application of on-line blackboards can address the specific learning objective. With all of these, the use of on-line blackboards and classroom message boards are a vital media component to achieve effective delivery in such scenario.

Since the method of teaching involves an active learning approach, these elements can be applied accordingly because of its ability to increase participation and active evaluation of content necessary to achieve understanding about the idea of ethics under healthcare technology. Thus, such facilitation not only helps educators support their objectives within the classroom but also intensify schemes that are responsible and effective. References ASTD. org (2006) 4: Training Delivery Options and Media.

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