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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Problem Statement Is this an attractive industry to invest? ?Should Samsung invest in such an aggressive plan for Farmland? Does Her Tae-Hak? s skills will help in creating a smart strategy? ?Tae-Hak? s previous experience will help in making this firm productive in Korea? ?As the Chairman of the Samsung Group, would you approve such a master plan? Do the particularities of the Korean environment alter your analysis? ?Do you foresee any specific problem? What are the key success factors? Hypothesis.

We think that Her Tae-Hak will actually create valuable tactics to implement ingenious strategies to invest in the Yongin Farmland and turn this theme park into a worldwide competitive industry; despite the fact of the other consolidated firms involved. A brief look at Samsung Theme Park Industry in Korea During the early 1990? s we saw an emerging industry as a major source for family entertainment: the theme parks. This was not something exclusive of the United States but it was a phenomenon around the world.

But this was not a new idea, because it seems that similar attractions were used many years earlier. This case basically shows us how the theme park industry is divided (for example cultural and educational parks, water theme parks, and so on), managed and who are the consolidated firms and main competitors. It also shows how parks are distributed, the implications and the problems that may show when directing a park (such as financial, marketing, and social issues).

Finally, we will focuse on an specific market: Korea and the Yongin Farmland. An amusement park, which its CEO is determined to place it as one of the world? s leading vacation centers. Conclusion Based on the problem statement and our hypothesis, we can conclude that the second was made based on a correct approach because investment in this kind of industry is attractive because involves profits and most importantly Yongin Farmland is the most important park in Korea.

Also Tae-Hak?s previous experience is a gaining element, because he has already implement another major strategy to turn a hotel chain into something bigger. So as a chairman this fact should be very convincing. With all this facts it is quite possible you can become a resort first recognized in Asia and then be worldwide recognized. And about the factors that surround this country, it could affect whether the little free time and the treatment of staff but if as a chairman you make a good investment and train employees, people would notice and spend quality leisure time in the park.

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