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Published: 2020-02-06 11:01:22
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In a Journey, a traveller can gain new perspectives of themselves and the world around them by taking on opportunities to learn. The novel Raw by Scott Monk demonstrates these ideas by writing about a young boy named Brett, who hates authoritative figures such as the police. A change is perspective is shown in the late chapters when Brett is at the farm, meeting new friends and learning how lucky he is. What also changes Bretts attitude to himself, other people that are the friends that he makes during the novel and a girl that he is willing to meet, even if he goes the prison. Bretts punish for escaping from the Farm has change view of making decisions. Instead of judging and disliking a person, Brett has shown to change his views of other people on his journey. The Poem, The road not taken by Robert Frost also exhibits the opportunity to gain new perspectives in the poem, through the use of an extended metaphor about the journey of life.

This is shown in the poem when the persona apologises for not being able to take both sides of the road. Disappointment is shown when the persona gives a sigh. This shows how melancholic he is by giving a deep audible breath. A personal voice is used in the poem to create immediacy. In Raw, Bretts journey to the Farm to meet new people and serve as a sentence instead of jail, has given him the opportunity to gain new perspective of himself and the world around him. Because of his journey, he decides to change how he feels about people such as his warden Sam and the police. The change made in the novel is that he chooses to call the police how they are called in instead of pigs. He has proven himself to be a selfless person when he saw his younger friend Frog, being tricked by a grown man. Immediately, he steps in to take Frog back to the Farm, even though he is up against an obstacle greater than himself.

This noble act would not have happened at the beginning of the novel, because early in the chapter Brett feels that he is hated by everyone. His decision to prevent Frog from taking drugs is due to forming a close friendship with him and Bretts guilt for allowing his friend to leave his sight. This is evident from the quote, Give it back to him, Robbie. Brett has also gain a new perspective of him after listening to Joshs unfortunate story of his past. Joshs story has made Brett thought of how promising his life can be because of the parents he has. He has learnt that the world has nothing against him and that he is only isolating himself from people who wish to know him. There is a lot of change in Brett, because at the beginning of the novel Brett is shown to be an extremely unpleasant person when speaking and looks at the police in a negative way. This is a contrast between Bretts pre journey when he ran at the streets stealing a bottle store to his after journey, learning that only he can change his life.

Bretts Stream of consciousness can be seen by the readers a where he moves from his immature attitude to a wiser person when he listens to others and thinks about what he is doing. Brett and Josh have shown to have a friendlier approach to each other after Josh covered his fight with Smiling Joe. This demonstrates a change in Bretts perspective because of Bretts first run in with Josh, they immediately judged and dislike each other, treating one another like criminals. Whereas now they are able to understand each other. The reason for this is because of Brett appreciating Joshs help. This is another contrast in Bretts Journey, changing how he feels about others. We know how appreciative Brett is when he said Thanks for that and Sticking up for me After Bretts escape from the Farm, not only is he punished but everyone else at the Farm is also punished for his actions.

This is what makes Brett learn that there will always be consequences for his behaviour on the farm. Because of the punishment, Brett no longer tries to make an escape at Farm, after his first attempt. He also does not lie to the police when they ask him about stealing liquor from a man. This is because on his journey, meeting Caitlyn changes his decision of giving himself up and finish his sentence in jail instead of running away from the police to hide. A feeling of regret is made at the beginning of the poem for not being able to take both sides of the road. The persona in the end found that the path he took was a choice that he should not regret since not all opportunity can be taken and that it is very unlikely that he will ever comeback for the other path to discover what it is like. This is because after one road, he may encounter another and have to neglect the other. His wordchoice, sorry conveys his feeling of regret.

The road not taken presents us the decision made in the journey of taking only one path of a diverged road because the persona may not be able to take the other path in future. The path he has taken is the one less travelled by and has changed his life. He has made an indication to us that the choice he decides is the more difficult one out of the two but the difference is that his one has been rewarding. This is said is the last two lines of the last stanza. There is a change in tense in the last lines, showing that he is happy with his decision. The past tense signifies that he want to look back at his decision later in life. A personal tone is used throughout the poem by having the persona speaking in first person.

The composer allows the reader to observe what the personas knows or sees. This creates an immediate connection with the readers and persona. With this technique, we are drawn into his world, life and mind. We see what he tells us when he could not take both paths and later shows the he is satisfied with his choice. To sum up, A journey give the traveller a change in their attitude themselves other people. It is shown by composers with techniques to demonstrate the idea in the text such as the contrast of a persons pre and after journey, when we track their inner thoughts through Stream of Consciousness. Our Wordchoice can expose how we feel in what we say and the use of first person allows us to connect with the persona.
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