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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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October 04, 2012, the HSL-Braille College community worked together for the biggest and widest celebration of My Teacher, My Hero for Worlds Teachers Day 2012. As early as 6:30 in the morning, HSL-Braille College community led by its Student Government Organization (S.G.O), administrators, faculty, parents and students gathered together in the school ground to welcome our lovely teachers with their glamorous attire as they take their grand entrance in the red carpet together with their respective escorts which also the students teacher for that particular day. All our mentors received a souvenirs specifically a mug with a text written on it: My Teacher, My Hero Worlds Teachers Day 2012. And a badge which also have a text written on it: I Love Teaching. This souvenir is not just only a give-away but instead, it serves as a sign of appreciation for our dear teachers for being the second parents in the school hat guides and leads the students to do good in life in order to have a better future.

The program started at 6:45 AM and was introduced by the pair of stage hosts from the Fourth Year- Uzziah, the President of Student Government Organization (S.G.O), Ms. Nicholle Yummar D. Demagante and Mr. Rainier John Veluz, from the Third Year Sheba and the External Vice President of the Student Government Organization. Before it was officially started, the teachers and students were welcomed by the Student Chairman of the Activity and the Internal Vice President of Student Government Organization, Ms. Kjienah Love I. Demagante. She gave her opening remarks to everyone which expressed her gratitude to be part of Worlds Teachers Day celebration to help the school to celebrate and give warm appreciation to our heroes, our teachers. The students showed their gratitude to their advisers which is in the form of showing their talents and flaring skills like dancing and singing which shows a meaningful message to their lovely mentors.

This really helped to boost the crowds moods. But of course students from HSL-Braille College are not only good in showcasing talents to everyone but also students can produce imaginative and constructive works that brings excellence to the schools. So, in this case, some students made an English and Filipino poems that are dedicated to their teachers which were shown and opened by their teachers which is actually felt the love and appreciation from their students. During that time, everybody especially our dear teachers were glad with the result of the event. It was successful and meaningful to everyone.

After all, students, teachers, and other guests are ready to hear our school directress words of wisdom before the end of the program. As expected, they will be served by generous students who voluntarily give their time to give service to our dear teachers. They will enjoy, have fun and relax the rest of the day. Every students can really see satisfaction after the program. It was undeniably a great celebration for Worlds Teachers Day and was well-prepared despite of the bad weather. Truly, the reason for the event was to celebrate and to show our love as a matter of celebrating of the Worlds Teachers Day to the true heroes of our community, our teachers. Everybody is looking forward for the next Worlds Teachers Day Celebration for it will surely be another great event.

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