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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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Before beginning the assessment, I asked the child some basic questions so that I could assess her prior knowledge. I asked her if she knew; what capacity and weight were, how do you measure liquid, what was larger 2 cm or 2 feet and if she could name some objects that came in gallon, pint, quart and cup. I also reviewed any other vocabulary words that were in the lesson.

I then gave the student the written assessment (see attachment). I allowed the student 15 minutes to finish the assessment. The only help she was given was to pronounce words if she needed. I could tell right away she was struggling. I made a chart with objectives and learning strategies that would help the student succeed at this topic.

When the student was finished, I graded her paper. Just as my instinct suspected, she had missed 5 of the 10 questions for only a 50% grade. I went back and reviewed the ones she missed. Since most of the wrong ones were about capacity and measurement. I chose the Gallon Man to help her reach her math assessment success (Illuminations, 2009).

During the students lunch break, which follows the math class, I sat out all the materials that I had already prepared to use. I used construction paper and had 1 white sheet to represent gallon, 4 pink sheets to show quarts, and 16 blue sheets to equal cups. The student was asked to assemble our man. With many direct prompts and visual clues, the student was able to accomplish our goal. The student was allowed to look back on the bulletin board where a Gallon Man was displayed. I also allowed her to use her book.

After she completed her gallon man, I gave her concrete objects to measure the liquid. I gave her a gallon jug that had a funnel, empty pitcher that was 1 quart in size, small bottle that was equaled to 1 pint and a 1-cup measuring container.

I then let the student test out her Gallon Man and see if she had his proportions correct. Not only did she love this activity and had no clue that I was retesting her, but she also became involved in the review process as well. I reviewed the vocabulary again and asked her some questions that came from her math book and corresponded to the lesson being assessed.

Finally I let the student take the first assessment over again. She started out with a blank copy of the assessment. I noticed that this time she drew a small version of the gallon man on the side of her paper. She had a much better time the second time she took the test. When I graded it she missed 3 problems. When I asked her questions over the ones she missed she was able to explain her answer in a way that I felt she knew the material.

I used several different types of assessments wrapped into one. I used the Gallon Man as a type of informal assessment. I feel that the child did not know the material enough to adequately pass the test. After a review and some accommodations, the child was able to answer questions and provide enough detail that I felt she knew the material.

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