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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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In the past few years, dramatic change has been observed in the ways that are being used for completing a job, as it is not difficult to find and keep great employees in the company. An overall shift in workplace values has been raised, which is a fact, and which, has changed the ways that were used to perform and complete the work by the employees. In this regard, it is very important to understand the abovementioned shift, in order to build a strong company, while saving on the payroll. Some other factors have played a vital role in changing the attitude of these employees, as well as, their values in the company.

The trend of global market is one of the factors, by which, the position of potency of the employees have been strapped securely. In addition, worker empowerment and change in demographics have also played a crucial role in thrusting so-called knowledge workers in the front seats of the company. The need of a better work and life balance has also tends the career to be sacrificed by the employees in this determination. Traditionally, turnover has been stemming by the offering of incentives, such as, promotions, raises, etc. by the companies. However, a more organic crop of incentives has been turned by the human resource directors forcefully.

Some of the reasons of this change have been the global competition and wages, which have rise significantly in the past years. In addition, hierarchies have collapsed and the promotion pool has shrunk in these years. Wise companies will not let any short-term downturn alter their efforts to become one of the most desirable places to work as suggested by a West Coast-based retention strategist and speaker, John B. Izzo. (Withers, 2001) Demographics cannot be changed by the human resource directors. However, the employer-employee power dynamic, which is being affected by the fourth factor, can be responded by the companies today.

Lines are now being drawn in the sand, as an increment has been observed in the risk of burnout tenfold by the working of longer hours and less leisure time of the employees. In this regard, a pace of change unprecedented in history is being faced by the workers in companies. It has been observed that self-identity is being tied up with the work identity by todays workers, as shown in different studies. Instead, work and leisure is being tried to balance with the help of different ways that are being explored by these workers. In this regard, shifting of the values of these workers has been observed discernibly.

The ways are intensifying, which are being implemented by the workers, in order to achieve their personal goals. In this regard, great staff is being found, kept, and engaged with the help of following strategies: Practical situations and offers should be made to the employees with the regard to the improvement and enhancement of their work and life balance. A sense of a deeper cause should be promoted for the employees. Different opportunities related to the professional development and growth of the employees should be offered. Employees should be treat like partners rather than treating them as servants.

A community should be created in the workplace, in order to help workers in their office work, as well as, their homework. Trust should be rebuilt with the workers in every way. Suggestions for Companies An initial assessment has been designed from the following statements regarding the way an organization and its departments are doing in response to the procedures of search for employees with perspective of a noble cause. Thinking will be guided from this assessment, however, no definitive quantitative appraisal will be provided by it. A scale has also been provided to asses the statement regarding your work environment.

The deeper meaning of the product or a service has been described by a statement of the company. For instance, human life has been improved and preserved, people are made happy at home, etc. (It Yes is the answer, but, it is rare, then 1 point should be assigned. If the statement is real and applied often, then 3 points should be tallied). Company provides opportunities regarding the different volunteerism and community services to the employees. (If the opportunities have been provided by the company, then 1 point should be given. If training and encouragement is given to the employees, then 2 points should be given.

If payment is given to the employees who participate in these activities, then give 3 points) . The people are inspired by higher ethics, in order to perform the right thing with the help of a set of values in the company. (If a set of values is in the organization, but it is rarely applied, then give 1 point. If these values have been employed, and ensuring methods have been implemented, then 3 points should be given. If such a statement is in the company, but the values are not observed by the company, and it has become a joke for the employees, then subtract 2 points)

. In the community, a reputation regarding the commitment has been gained by the company with regard to the larger community. (one point) . Profits are not considered the only way of presenting the results of the company. However, the people who have been impact by the services of the company are often presented during large company meetings. (If these habits are performed by the company, then 1 point should be given. If services are given stronger preference over profits, then 3 points should be given) .

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