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Published: 2020-02-24 18:30:15
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Soccer is not just a sport; it is a life. Everything you do, eat, and even wear prior to the match determines the performance you will have on the soccer field. Getting a good nights sleep, eating responsibly and healthy, and having the proper gear for the game will guarantee an advantage in your physical activity for the day. It is important to have the right attire when it comes to your cleats. The three most popular types of cleats you can buy are microfiber, kangaroo leather, and rubber.

Before purchasing soccer cleats, you need to know what you are looking for and the advantages or disadvantages of each shoe. The things I always look for first in cleats are durability, comfort, and a price range. Microfiber cleats are not as durable as leather or rubber cleats. They can crack if proper care is not given. The microfiber helps to form the best possible fit in the original design. Although these cleats are not made for the sturdiness, they do provide the athlete with other advantages. The microfiber material is easier to clean and dry.

They are made for wet conditions and do not absorb any water. The downside to no absorption in the cleats is that the shoes are not able to breath on their own and therefore, make your feet sweat more often. The microfibers make it so that the cleats are not as comfortable as others. Microfiber is a softer material that allows it to feel nice on the feet when immediately put on, but will not continue to soften like most cleats do after wear and tear. The nice thing is that you do not have to break these cleats in. They come ready and will not stretch out after being worn multiple times.

Microfiber is easier to come across which makes these cleats less expensive to purchase. You can buy synthetic microfiber cleats for roughly $75 to $100. This price is about the average dollar amount to spend on a nice pair of cleats that will last you a season, maybe even two, which is normal before needing a new pair. This type of cleat is probably the best suit for any beginning or intermediate soccer player. Kangaroo leather cleats have a very strong durability performance for how soft it really is. This type of leather is not only durable, but it is light.

Even though the leather is soft, it still remains durable because of its strong ability to flex. Although they are soft, the material does need to be broken in. After a few practices or sessions you will start to see a difference in the comfort of the cleats. It will improve over a short period of time. These cleats are more flexible which gives the athlete a better feel of the soccer ball. The lightweight feeling of these cleats bring much comfort to the athletes feet. Kangaroo leather is very breathable because it is able to absorb and release water and air. This helps to prevent perspiration while playing soccer.

This type of leather will shape to the foot easily and quickly, which is a fantasy for soccer players. Kangaroo leather is likely to be the most expensive cleats to buy than the others mainly because of the material it is made from. The process of obtaining the leather and applying it to create the shoes is more difficult that using synthetic or rubber materials. You can purchase a pair of kangaroo leather soccer cleats anywhere from $100 to $250. These are pricey but give the athlete the satisfaction they need. Rubber cleats are known to be very durable for a long period of time.

The outside of the shoe is what is made of rubber, which gives the most traction to soccer players when playing on grass fields. The rubber prevents the athlete from slipping, which is why they are meant for wet conditions and help prevent slipping on the field. The comfort in rubber cleats can be an opinion depending on whoever is wearing them. They are very stable which may or may not be something that everyone would enjoy. Rubber cleats add cushioning to the soles and heels of the foot. Again, it depends on the person wearing them to determine whether or not they would want to run on a rubber-soled shoe.

Rubber is a very cheap material to buy and easy to find so it makes these cleats the most inexpensive soccer shoes to buy. These cleats are the most common for all types of soccer players including new and experienced athletes. You can buy rubber-soled soccer cleats for about $25 to $50. These shoes may be cheap, however, they are not made with less quality. The same effort is put into making all types of cleats; some are just made for others in a better way. All soccer players will have their own opinion about what cleats fit them perfectly.

From my own personal experiences with countless pairs of soccer shoes, I prefer to wear kangaroo leather to any other kind. I think they are the most comforting to run in and they even come with the most interesting designs. I have really enjoyed all of my pairs of the kangaroo leather cleats because they have lasted me longer than I anticipated. I would recommend the kangaroo leather over the microfiber and rubber cleats because they seem to fit everyone right in some way or another. They help give the athletes a better performance on the field while providing airflow, breathing, and comfort to the feet.

The thin, but sturdy layer of kangaroo leather allows the player to have a better feel on the ball when receiving and releasing it. Other cleats like synthetic and rubber do not give you this advantage. They also are heavier and slow your speed down when you are running, which could potentially lead to you loosing possession of the soccer ball. All in all, I think the kangaroo leather is the best choice in soccer cleats. They give me the satisfaction that no other cleat can. The only disadvantage to these is the price. If you are committed and love the sport, I think it is a fair investment for your future.

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