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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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The calculation of poverty lines are published in the year 1987 and latest in the year 1996. (Australian Economic Review) Melbourne Institute analysis of poverty states that as per the year 2005, June first quarter, household disposable income per head stands at $477. 73 per week. View on Australia poverty states that there are 340,000 unemployed people and nearly 800,000 children are growing in jobless families (ACOSS). Payments for unemployed people are very low as just $200 per week for a single parent / jobless people continue to live in poverty.

Poverty is evident in Australia due to various reasons such as single-parent families, inadequate education for people in families, unawareness of career opportunities and computer technology or lack of opportunities for employment or under development in suburban areas of Australia where people are not utilizing the resources of job opportunities or disinterested in advancing ahead with good standards of economic living, for all these reasons, in a macro perspective, G8 summit was focused on poverty all over the world.

Poverty is prevalent all over the world, where it is quite apparent in some parts of the world and unseen in other parts of the world although the problem of poverty is persistent in gripping the lives of people. It is important here to define poverty for clear understanding and demarking the poverty line.

Widely accepted definition poverty states that an enforced lack of socially perceived necessities(ACOSS) which means that people are disabled or have deficient money flow to buy enough food, pay rent and stay in a good accommodation, good clothes, lack of clean water and electricity for non-payment of government charged bills which otherwise drive people to compromise and adjust with whatever comes in a way either by choice or by chance and compels to stay satisfied. Alleviation of poverty is a long-term process and mostly it is recurring in several states.

In order to completely eliminate poverty, strong laws of social welfare and status of living standards must be construed in order to ensure economic growing of living as a whole in all nations particularly in Australia as this paper discusses. A thorough study and survey, research must be made in order to conclude and identify the ground reasons of poverty. ACOSS view on Australia poverty states that, firstly it is required to raise the income levels of people which will help parents and children to the process of thinking in making good opportunities and also offers satisfaction and comfort in living.

Families with low education get placement in lower cadre jobs which carry low salaries, which otherwise emphasize that good and appropriate education is much more important to draw a bigger pay to meet the challenges of life style and family needs. This can never be reversed at any point of time. In Australia there are 11. 3 unemployed people who are not holding even a high school certificate as compared with 3 per cent of people who have a bachelor degree.

This would further leaves greater impact on children such that, if 15 per cent of children are doing well whose parents have completed 10 STD, 44 per cent of children are outstandingly doing well whose parents have completed university education. This point clearly indicates that parents need good education, good job, good pay which in turn would help to lead children into a greater success areas.

This cannot be achieved by a community or a societal organization whereas from the ground level, the work must begin i. e. from federal government and politicians who have to work hardly in bringing an efficient industries, developing infrastructure and creating employment areas and encourage people to advance in career and education for betterment of economic growth and also in satisfying the basic requirements of its people. In fact, for all governments of all nations, people and meeting the needs and basic demands must be its priority with the fact that, without peoples happiness, there cannot be healthy and prosperous nations.

There is a huge gap between rich and wealthy people and poor people, which means that wealthy people continue to expand riches whereas poor and needy people continue to live in deteriorated poverty which is unacceptable and should not be encouraged keeping the future generations of children. A study of UNICEF confirms that Australia has 56. 2 per cent of children who are living with solo mothers which provides a fact that, how difficult it is for single mothers to make a status for living and in settling children.

This is further confirmed by Australian Democrats, Overall, the results demonstrate that unemployment continues to be a major cause of poverty in Australia and that employment only provides an escape when it comes in the form of a full-time job. Because many of the new jobs created over the last two decades have been either part-time or casual, they have not been sufficient, by themselves, to protect workers and their families from poverty. (Peter Saunders of Social Policy Research Centre )

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