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Published: 2017-08-14 17:55:44
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I was born on September 30,1993 in Leesville, Louisiana. My parents name me Tunisia Cierra Wilson as a little kid I always like to go different places and see new things. My mother was in the army so I got to do a lot of site seeing when I was young. I have family in Alabama on my mother and daddy side. As I got older my mother had to get out the army because she got hurt doing some type of task and they put her on the disable list for a long time. While my mother was put on the disable list in the army she was also pregant with my sister. So when my mother had my sister my mother and daddy seem like they hated each other and later on became divorce.

When my parents got there divorce I did not know what to do I had so much anger built up in me and i will just take it out on anybody. I love both of my parents to death and still do but when i went to court and they gave my mother custtody of us I cried till i could not cry no more. It was a lot of thoughts going through my head at once but i do remeber few of them thoughts like moving to Alabama and makimng new friends, If my mother and daddy will ever get back together and how long will this last.

I already knew that if my mother have full custody of us that we will be living in Alabama our whole life. I thought Alabama was a country state and full of farms, i would have never thought that Alabama has what it has. like:malls, movie theater, and places to shop. my family mostly live in pedimont al. I went to there middle school all my years, then when my mother got her own house in anniston i been going to anniston high school were i graduate as a proud bulldog with the graduating class of 2012.

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