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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Nowadays, the issues of extremely busy traffic and frequent traffic jams are among the most topical social concerns in many countries of the world. Abundance of different vehicles on the city streets, roads and highways throughout the US is a problem which is seriously affecting our life and daily activities. But, in addition to the above, dangerous driving and bad habits developed by the majority of modern drivers make situation on the roads absolutely critical. A lot of specialists study this problem and try to find some effective solutions for it.

In particular, Jon Brandenberger, an initiator of national campaign for save driving, points on four major factors involved into the issue of dangerous driving: (1) sobriety; (2) seatbelts; (3) speed and (4) distractions (Brandenberger). It is also possible to use another approach to defining and classifying dangerous habits and risky behaviors of the drivers on the roads. First of all, some bad habits of the drivers are connected with their obliviousness and lack of experience, knowledge, attention or personal discipline.

The examples of such habits and drivers misbehaviors include forgetting to give signals when necessary or turn on the flashing lights when making a turn, forgetting to wear a seatbelt, failure or inability to check blind spots properly, driving barefoot, talking to someone in the vehicle while driving, and so on. Usually (but not always) such kind of behavior and problems can be expected from teenagers and young drivers. Another type of drivers bad habits can be characterized with their desire to have fun on the road, to look cool or intimidate other drivers.

Such naughty driving includes extreme acceleration on yellow lights, creating problems for other vehicles to merge into the flow, doing sudden moves, turns or lane changes, and so on. Tailgating, or driving very closely behind the other vehicles, is currently a popular trend on the roads, which really disturbs a lot of drivers. A number of other bad habits, like listening to very loud music, driving much lower speed in the fastest lanes of the highways and not moving to the lower speed lanes, squeezing other vehicles when trying to change the lane, etc.

, are connected with ethical sides of driving, mutual respect and keeping proper order on the roads. Finally, there is one more type of bad habits of our drivers, which is connected with conscious deliberate ignorance of traffic regulations and road ordinance. This type of bad driving usually brings to the heaviest consequences and causes terrible accidents, frequently resulting in human victims. The most dangerous habit if this type is drunk driving, which is one of the most frequent reasons of traffic accidents on our roads.

Speeding, which means not observing speed limitations set up in every state of our country, is another very dangerous habit practiced by many American drivers, especially young men. Finally, talking on the mobile phone or sending short messages while driving a vehicle is the third most dangerous habit of this type. Specialists estimate that only these bad habits of the drivers cause overwhelming majority of the accidents in our country (Brandenberger).

Nowadays, the matter of stimulating disciplined driving and increasing road safety is a significant issue, both on national and global scales. A lot of campaigns, safety programs and other special activities aimed on improving situation on the roads are launched in our country. The main purpose of such programs is to fight with the most common causes that bring to traffic accidents and numerous deaths on the roads: speeding and drunk driving. Nevertheless, every day a great deal of accidents happens in the US, and, unfortunately, the amount of lethal outcomes still remains very high.

That is why it is impossible to underestimate the importance of assuming some more effective measures, directed on making our traffic more organized and our roads safer. Works Cited Bad Driving Habits and Road Safety. The Weekly Gripe. 5 Mar. 2008 . Bad Habits Create Bad Accidents. Drive Alive. Ed. Jon Brandenberger. Bottom Line Public Relations. 5 Mar. 2008

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