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Published: 2020-02-18 14:20:41
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June 8th 2013Saturday As far as I know about badminton is only hit the ball to the opposite direction without letting the ball hit the net. Today, I invited 3 of my friends to my hostel to lecture me for 1 hour to learn more about badminton, they are willing to teach me all their experience in badminton tournament, the rule and regulations and the necessary stretching.

Firstly, I learn how to warm up my body, stretching muscles of my neck, legs, arm, and body. After that, I learn the rules of the game, the left position of the service court represent the servers score is odd number, the right side means the servers score is even number, every game the right side will serve first, if win then continue to serve from left, then right then left and so on.

Every round of the game will be supervised by a referee sitting at the middle of the court and 4 referees at the edge of the court to see whether the ball is out or in the range of the court. Normally victory will determine in 3 matches, 3 matches 2 wins, point of the game for men is either 21 points or 15 points, if match happen to be 20-20, winning point will increase to a clean deuce, means one of the player must be 2 points ahead in order to win. E.g. (22-20 , 21-23). The first player who wins 2 matches first will win the game.

After the lecture I had learned a lot of the basics knowledge of badminton. Tomorrow my friends will bring me to play a few matches of real game that will apply the rules and regulations.

June 9th 2013Sunday 4pm-6pm We booked 2 hours court at grand Kampar sport complex, at 4pm-6pm, because I just have my lunch at 2pm, I was told must wait after few hours in order to play sport. Today is a simply friendly match, we start off by stretching body, wear sport shoes, equip with elbow and leg support protector to avoid any possible injuries, a racket and shuttles. After that, we start our match, it was a double player match, I serve the ball from the right, and my team player guard the behind of the court to catch high ball, and I guard the front area of the court to catch slow and low ball, sometimes we both switch position.

I am not really able to catch every ball the opponent player serve to me, and I realize that after all this time, I never think of actually there are techniques on how to serve the ball to the opposite, the strength, movement of body, the way to hold the racket and timing on jumping will directly affect the direction of the shuttle. I was being told to bend down until my eyes look above the net to observe the direction of the shuttle when my opponent serve to me, when it is a high ball, I can place my palm next to my racket easier to guess the timing and hit the shuttle without missing it. I must always ready to move to sides, when the shuttle goes sideways, I hop 2 or 3 times to the left or right side to catch the shuttle, not blindly running because running will make me feel exhausted easily.

After this 2 hours training session, I understand that using wrong technique to catch the shuttle or jump and land to the ground will caused me muscle cramp or making me injured. I realize that badminton is a very challenging sport to learn and serve the shuttle differently can control the shuttle to the direction that I want. June 11th 2013Tuesday 4pm-6pm

Today is the second training, same time and same place, as usual I warm up with stretching, and we decided to play a tryout of 21 points double player match, and a friend as a referee sitting middle of the court.

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