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Banyan Tree is founded in 1992 by Ho Kwon Ping.The first Banyan Tree opened in 1994 in Phuket Island.The resorts were designed to blend into the natural environment. Corporate Strategies K. P. Ho thinks that company should consider the physical and human environment when making business decisions

Business Strategies
Goals : ¦one of the top two or three dominant players in a global space which is very niche but nevertheless very global K. P. Ho said. Scope : Banyan Tree provides a luxury retreat for guests.The Banyan Tree target market is narrow and affluent. Competitive Advantage : Banyan Tree goes into locations that are not heavily developed and create sustainable resorts. Logic : Banyan Tree intends to expand locate in diverse locations Differentiation : Focus through a differentiation

Environmental Analysis
Sociocultural Factors
Terrorist attacks September 11,2001 and the Bali bombings
The SARS outbreak of 2003
Economic and Natural Factors
The Asian Financial Crisi of 1997
The Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004

Porters Five Forces Model
Customer Buying Power
Tends to be moderate
Customers are few in number
High buying power
Few readily avaible
Supplier Bargaining Power
Tends to be high
Due to the unique locations and high quality products
Only a limited number of suppliers available to provide these products and services Entry Barriers
Tend to be high
Large capital requirements and government regulations
Due to Banyan Trees niche market and concept it is important for them to be aware of readily available substitutes Rivalry Among Existing Firms
Banyan Tree Competition
Aman Resorts
Como Hotels
Six Senses Hotels
One and only Resorts
Angsana Competition
Four Seasons
Shangri-La Hotels

Strategic Direction
Mission Statement
We want to build a globally recognized brand which by inspiring exceptional experiences among our guests,instilling pride and integrity in our associates and enhancing the physical and human environment in which we operate, will deliver attractive returns to our shareholder. Vision Statement

To build on its brands, Banyan Tree and Angsana to create a diversified group of niche resorts and hotels in strategic locations throughout the world, which would be complemented by residence and property sales,spa and gallery operations. Organizational Resource Analysis

Well known and reputable brand name
Strong brand identity
Brand visibility
Customer Loyalty
Lack of knowledge of target market in global
Small talent poot to choose from because properties are in remote locations Organization Resource Analysis
Unspoiled,unique locations
Outstanding facilities
Sustainability Sensitive design
CEO is a major source of competitive advantage
Well trained and motivated employees
Corporate Partners such as American Express,Citibank etc.
Profits have risen significantly since the 2004 Tsunami
High price to cost ratio
Strong links to financiers
General Organizational Resources
Brand and organizational reputation
Aspirational brand position
Knowledge and Learning
Entrepreneurship strategy
Diverse culture

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