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Published: 2020-02-16 11:20:34
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World is about the questions about our Filipino hero Jose Rizal.The film attempts to answer the questions about the life of Rizal that are vaguely being explainedin books about Philippine history while simultaneously informing the viewers about the greatcontributions he is famous for. The film emphasizes on the fact that people of the Philippinesonly learns or studies about Jose Rizal being the national hero and not facts and questions thatlies in his writings and actions when he was still alive.The directors emphasizes on the controversies in his life including his family and his loveaffair with Josephine Bracken regarding the retraction that Jose Rizal signed during his later dayswhile attempting to be wed with her.

The directors tried to portray Jose Rizal as a coward thatdoesn¶t really want to be a hero, but an average Filipino person.They tried to convince themselves that he was willing to denounce all his teachings andall his hard work just to free the Filipinos just to be able to be wed with Josephine Bracken. But,because of lack of evidence, the filmmakers accepted the fact that the ultimate truth behind thelegend shall be kept a legend.The film makers also tried to add some facts that are just their mere subjectiveperceptions about Jose Rizal. They also assumed a lot of things about Jose Rizal, like thecamaraderie between Jose Rizal and his brother, the being ³Masungit´ of Jose Rizal¶s mother tothem and a lot more.Basically it¶s the life of Jose Rizal with a twist by modern filmmakers.

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