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The stage directions that Miller imposes say it all. Pause. Eddie looks at Catherine, then back to Beatrice it shows that Eddie was in intense thought and in deep shock. Maybe this might be because Eddie has now got a competitor for the right as the breadwinner. However, the most likely reason for shock is that his beloved niece will be away from him. It is now when he tries to impose a fatherly figure, asking her questions and praising her. Well why not? Sure shes the best. And wheres the job? What company he is deliberately tying to control her from not going to work.

When he finally does gives her permission to work, he uses emotional blackmail to remind her of her position and also that it is his house that she is living in. Eddie says And then youll move away, in which Catherine says No, Eddie! Miller then cleverly shows the audience how Eddie feels by stating Grinning Catherine, not willing to accept the accusation, instantly grasps his arm to reassure him. Eddie now knows that he is still in full command. Catherine at this point in the play always trying to please him, and is always looking up to Eddie as a fatherly figure.

However, Miller deliberately introduces the technique of dramatic irony to prepare us for what his going to happen. On pages 26-29 we start to see glimpses of Eddies and Catherines breakdown in relationship. The underlying tensions since Marco and Rodolpho came into America are now just starting to be released. Eddie is not keen at all of Catherine going out with Rodolpho. Catherine is just about now starting to realise the real Eddie that we have come to known. She is less patient with him. This is evidently shown on page 26. With an edge of anger¦

Miller does not show her anger through speech but shows it through the tone of her voice. Eddie, is quite taken back by this and retreats and tries to calm her down. Eddie, still not pleased with Rodolpho insists that he wants to talk to Catherine alone and requests that he leaves the room. His disapproval of Rodolpho is clearly shown by Millers stage directions; smiling unwillingly this shows that he is only smiling because Catherine is there. When Rodolpho leaves, Eddie tries to take control of Catherine by treating her like a child. He also changes his attitude to a more calm and relaxed.

I bless you and you dont talk to me Millers stage directions show that Eddie is more calm and relaxed. However, in these scenes we see that Eddies growing frustration leads him to start accusing Rodolpho. This starts when Catherine openly admits in liking Rodolpho. Eddies disapproval is now clearly evident. His smile goes suggest that he is very upset and startled about Catherines feelings towards Rodolpho. This in my opinion is the turning point in the relationship of Catherine and Eddie. Eddie accuses Rodolpho of bowing to his passport This means that he wants to marry Catherine to become an American citizen.

Miller then clearly shows Catherine is hurt by this. His stage directions state; pained. She then tries to convince Eddie that this is false and she tries to wipe off the accusation on her boyfriend. Eddie sees this and then tries to take advantage. He deliberately calls her Katie, so she is reminded that she is still a child. However, Catherine, stronger then ever, will not allow Eddie to talk foully of her boyfriend. She will not listen to him and runs into the house. We see that Eddie is not at all pleased when she keeps on saying but he loves me Eddie Miller shows his deep alarm by stage direction.

With deep alarm Rodolphos entrance definitely made a huge impact on Catherine and Eddies relationship. In pages 61 we notice a complete breakdown between Eddie and Catherine. Eddie has gone completely insane in trying to prove that Rodolpho is homosexual. However, the main reason why there is a breakdown in their relationship is because Eddie told the immigration officers that Marco and Rodolpho were illegal in America. This is considered a huge sin in the Italian community as they were honour bound to keep and look after immigrants until they settle themselves well. The whole community has turned against Eddie.

This is what has completely ruined Eddie. Right throughout the play we see that he is a man of honour. He keeps on saying I want my respect! Miller presents Eddies breakdown mainly through stage directions in this part of the play. Eddie is evidently broken with the news that Catherine is getting married. He is not speaking a lot at this stage in the play. All his intentions are released through stage directions. Quietly, almost inaudibly, as though drained suggest that he is completely shocked of the idea. However, Eddie explodes and repeats himself about respect.

Catherine is intent on staying calm and does not talk to Eddie. Eddie is hurt by the fact that Beatrice wants to go to her wedding. Catherines change is evident in these last few pages. She is more open now, and more determined not to be overpowered by Eddie. Instead of this, she is more open. She is releasing all her hatred that has built up in her for Eddie. Millers stage directions reveal it all. He says suddenly, which tells us that Catherine is very sudden about this outburst. We as the audience are very shocked and disturbed by this. Catherine then starts to insult him calling him a rat.

How can you listen to him? This rat! Her reaction towards Eddie not letting Beatrice is very startling. However, at this point we see that Catherine has a breakdown and starts to weep. Eddie is now enraged and shows aggression in his actions. Miller cleverly shows this to bewilder the audience. Eddie the once calm and over-protective man is now showing aggression against his beloved Catherine, his insanity is truly revealed. The end of the play is not expected. Eddie runs at Marco with a knife and out of self-defence Marco stabs Eddie. Eddie dies on the spot.

The gradual decline in the relationship between Eddie and Catherine is inevitable from the opening scene. Catherines emerging confidence is the main reason in their breakdown. Eddie is simple not prepared for this. He is emotionally broke at the fact that Catherine is marrying Rodolpho. He just cannot accept that Catherine is now older and more free to do what she wants. BY ADNAAN HAQ 10G1 ENGLISH COURSEWORK Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Arthur Miller section.

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