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Published: 2019-12-11 09:32:35
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Education is one of the most important factors that determine where we go and succeed in life. While private schools have a limited acceptance rate, public schools by law are to accept all children. Public schools have a larger variety of subjects available than most private schools. There are many reasons why public schools are better than private schools. Even though attending a private school may seem luxurious and prestigious, the reasons why most people choose public schools over private schools is because it saves money, education is guaranteed, offers a variety of programs, teaches students responsibility and independence, and prepares individuals to be critical thinkers. A reason why most people believe that public schools are better than private schools is because there is no cost for school tuition. Public schools allow free education, which enables everyone to have the equal opportunity to be educated. Instead of paying thousands of dollars on education in a private school, most parents choose to save that money to pay for their childs college tuition.

Attending a private school can be very costly, for example Oaks Christians school tuition is approximately $30,000 a year. The cost of attending that school is just about the same price as attending a college or a university. There are families who struggle with the economy and are put under difficult financial situations. This makes it difficult for the parents to pay for their childs high school and college. This is one of the greatest advantages about public schools. The main purpose of public schools is to educate everyone. In 2001, the United States Congress reauthorized the No Child Left Behind Act. This act included Title 1, which is the governments aid program for the disadvantaged students. This act makes sure that no child is left behind from education. The act also requires the state to develop assessments in basics skill that is given to each child in different grade levels. There are multiple families who come from different countries that place their child into a public school. The child cannot be denied the right of education due to law and obtains the equal rights of education just like everyone else.

While most private schools have certain requirements for a child to be accepted into the school, public schools ensure that every student is given education. There are multiple programs for all different types of students who attend a public school. There are programs for children with specials needs and disabilities, which allows them to have opportunities like others. Sparkles, which is a national special needs cheerleading program offered at most public schools, allows those who are disabled to feel like they belong and are a part of the student body. However, at private schools they offer a limited number of classes available that one can take, while public schools have a wide range of classes that one can choose from. A great thing about public schools is that they offer different level courses, which allows students to challenge themselves and discover what they are capable of doing by going the extra mile.

While in school, kids with special needs and disabilities have the opportunity to have teachers who can work with them individually and help them grow as a student as well as an individual. There are a number of programs such as Data, Honors, IB and AP classes that are available to students who are interested in challenging themselves academically. Public schools deliver real world surroundings with an environment that is much more diverse. Students are more prepared and have a sense of adult life in a public school setting. Most private school classes are small, which gives each child the individual attention they need. From prior experience, a teacher at a private school gives much more attention to students than needed. The guidance that they give towards the students are not particularly helping, but preventing one from taking responsibility and retaining independence. Teachers at a private school have a closer watch on their students day to day actions and are concerned with how students should act in a certain way. In public schools, kids are left to distinguish on what is right and wrong.

This helps students become more mature young adults and requires students to take responsibility for their own actions. In public schools, students are exposed to greater ideas that allow them to be more creative. Public schools help students figure out who they are as a person individually. While attending a private school, there are certain requirements and standards on how a student should be. There are more strict rules and regulations, which keeps students away from obtaining outside knowledge. There is not a great amount of creativity and everyone is expected to act and behave a certain way in a private school. Religion is one of the huge aspects that shape the schools view. Everyone is expected to follow and obtain the same beliefs, whereas a public school, it is based on your point of view.

While parents are paying for their child to obtain a greater education with much needed help and care, it is also hurting the child academically from gaining their own knowledge and independence. Due to a public school class size compared to a private school, students have teachers who are constantly available to help and assist each individual. Compared to a public school class, students in a private school class are being spoon-fed by teachers, who attempt to help students succeed but are actually not enabling students to think on their own. Even though public schools have a substantial amount of students compared to private schools, this allows students to be more exposed to the school environment and to be more critical thinkers.

Later in your adult life, it is up to you to make wise decisions. No one is going to tell you what is wrong and right. Public and private schools are very discrete from each other. In life, everyone is faced with various obstacles that require making right decisions with a great sense of responsibility. With the exposure to a diverse community and place of creativity, it will help prepare you towards your road to success and to become a critical thinker in the future. These are reasons to consider why attending a public school is so much better than a private school. It teaches you to have self-determination and to become a successful individual.

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