Beyond Petroleum focuses on sustainability Essay

Published: 2019-12-20 03:21:38
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1) Based on the history of the company, why did BP get involved in so much questionable conduct? The reason why BP got involved in so much questionable conducts is because at first they didnt want to spend the money on fixing the stuff. They have been ignoring all these red flags and at the end they ended up spending much money. They could of saved a lot of money if they had fixed the problem before the incident occurred. The reason why they ended having so much trouble is because they didnt take care of their stakeholders. Their major concern in those types of business should be the safety of their employees. We all know that those places arent the safest place in the world, which is why BP has to make sure to keep their workers in a safe environment.

2) Analyze BPs efforts to improve sustainability. Do you think they are sufficient, or does the company need to do more? At first I didnt think that BPs has been to sustainable. If you look at their history they have been going up and down pretty quit often which isnt a good example of sustainability. If they didnt have all these problems in the past we could say that they are sustainable but with all the incident that occurred in the past few years it is going to be hard to defend them on that side. Lately they have been investing a lot of their investments green wise in order to improve their image. They have been contributing a lot in the wind farms, the solar system and in the Biofuel. Which is really good for the company, their stakeholders and for the world in general. The more companies start going green wise the less we will destroy our planet.

3) Do you believe the BP code of conduct and ethics initiatives will prevent future misconduct? I think that BPs has been trying a lot of things in the past few years to show the good example. Maybe they have done a lot of mistakes in the past, but we cant always think negative. They code of conduct could only bring good things within the company. The fact that they make a universal code of conduct through out all their enterprise in the world was a huge step for them. They are trying their best to prove to the world that they arent that bad, and that even oil companies who tempts to destroy our planet with their gasoline can try to save some parts of their mistakes.

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