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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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In this article by Robert Scholes, it talks about the hope and memory in My Antonia. He says the characters find themselves by looking back at the past. He said we are reminded of this past constantly: by the Bohemian customs and culinary practices of the Shimerdas; by the observations of Otto Fuch on the relationship of Austrians and Bohemians I the old country; and especially by the Catholic religion of the Bohemians, which is their strongest link with the past, and which serves to bind them together and to separate them from the protestant society of their adopted and¦Antonia cherishes her connection with the past it talks about the characters and their past and how it has impacted their lives.

I will use this to tie back into my thesis because this is basically what my whole paper is about. My paper based on the characters past and how it impacts them later in life. The article talks a lot of the past memories that I can use in my research paper.

Lucenti, Lisa Marie. Willa Cathers My Antonia: Haunting the Houses of Memory. Twentieth Century  Literature 46 (2000): Literary Reference Center, Galileo. MPHS Library, 18 April 2011

(#33 a work from an online service to which your library subscribes)

This article analyzes My Antonia and its theme of memory and how it haunts some of the characters. It talks about the story of the wolves and how its haunted Peter and Pavel and how that brings gothic to the story. It also tells why Cather included some of the memories that she did in the novel. It tells the importance of those memories to the characters.

I will talk about the memories it mentions and how they are important to the story and to the characters lives. Their past is what makes them who they are and it is important to mention why they are so important to them. This article analyzes the theme and I can use some of that information to help with my argument.

Meeker, Joseph W. Willa Cather: The Plow and The Pen Willa Cathers Ecological Imagination. Ed. Susan Rosowski. Volume 5. Lincoln: U of Nebraska, 1986.

(#18 a selection from an anthropology)

In this article, Meeker talks about the symbols mentioned in Cathers novels. It talks about the plow and the landscape in My Antonia. It also talks about how some of the symbols represent the past. The article mentioned imagery throughout the novel and how the Nebraska plains had an impact on Jim. It also mentioned some of the imagery in O Pioneers! and other novels by Cather.

I will use the information to help support my thesis on the symbols and theme and how it impacts the characters in the novel. In the article when it talks about the land and how it ties back to the past, I will use that to help my thesis. It has very good detail on everything represented in the novel and it will help me develop my paragraphs on symbolism.

Gross, Jonathan D. Recollecting Emotion in Tranquility: Wordsworth and Byron in Cathers My ntonia  and Lucy Gayheart Cather Studies 7 (2007): Literary Reference Center, Galileo. MPHS Library

18 April 2011

(#33 a work from an online service to which your library subscribes)

This article compares My Antonia with novels from Wordsworth and Byron. They all share similar qualities in their writings. In this article it talks about theme and symbols in My Antonia. In both My Antonia and in Lines Written a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey, they talk about the theme of nature and how it impacts the characters. This whole article compares My Antonia to other works by Cather, Wordsworth, and Byron.

I will use the information about the theme of nature and symbols mentioned in the article. Theres not a whole lot I can use on My Antonia but it has good information about theme and symbols throughout out the novel. It talks about how Cather focused on landscape and sensitivity of the reader to relate the past.

Hallgarth, Susan A. Archetypal Patterns in Shadows on the Rock. Colby Quarterly 24 (1988): 2-4.

(#22 An article in a journal with continuous pagination throughout the annual volume)

In this article, it talks about symbols and how they represent something in the novel. It talks about how shadows are a repeated pattern in My Antonia and how Antonia breaking away from her mother is a symbol of her going through a new beginning. It compared symbols in My Antonia to some in Death Comes for the Archbishop and how they relate to one another.

In the article it says Burdens discovery of pastness in the present allows him to see Antonia as all the image which do not fade and herself, a battered woman (MA, 352, 353). So I will use that in the paragraph I will have talking about how the past still reminds him of Antonia because his childhood is basically Antonia. All of his memories remind Jim of her because she is a big part in his past.

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