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Published: 2019-10-10 05:35:11
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The Glass House was designed by famous architect Philip Johnson as his own residence. This house is a real masterpiece in the use of glass and is very influential Johnsons project. The Glass House has contributed further development of modern architecture. The first interesting things about the house is, of course, it exterior. The primary shocking thing is that it built fully of glass and belongs to functional style. Nevertheless, the house is hidden from the sharp eye of publicity. The house is located at the edge of Johnsons estate near the pond.

The Glass House belongs to one of Johnsons eleven buildings which are refined at his estate. The exterior is really beautiful as the houses walls are made of glass and of charcoal-painted steel. Furthermore, the brick floor is known to be about ten inches above ground. The house is, actually, a 56-foot-by-32-foot rectangle. The steps and railing are made of white granite, whereas the steel is painted in dark grey color. The whole composition of the house consists of outdoor sculpture and a guest house made of blank-walled brick.

The second interesting thing is the interior of the house as it is hardly possible to image how to live in it. The interior of the Glass House is open with the space consisting of low walnut cabinets. The bathroom is made of cylinder bricks. The floors are polished purple hue. Johnson said that the view from the house at the landscape is beautiful and exciting. Finally, the third interesting thing is that designer was inspired by Mies, advocate for functional style in modern architecture.

The Glass House is often compared to his Farnsworth House. Nevertheless, I wouldnt live in glass simple because there is no comfort and privacy as everything is seen through the glass walls. Moreover, it would be rather cold in winter and very hot in summer as sunlight and frosts easily penetrates fragile walls.


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