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Glorious and beautiful, Blondes and Brunettes have been in rival for the precious rigors of magnificence. Fancying into the limelight, subdue one into conspiracy against exquisiteness, musing at the same time to the countless difference that had been nurtured. Blondes propel themselves in to the height of success and perfection. Brunettes on the other hand, articulates striking uphold on developing holistically. Blondes and Brunettes adversary with one another goes beyond just beauty it is more to the glorious point of the perfection.

The parties deem appropriate to necessitate mediation, to further analyze their conflict. Mediation is a fair and efficient process to help you resolve your employment disputes and reach an agreement. A neutral mediator assists you in reaching a voluntary, negotiated agreement. The Mediator A goddess was the preferred mediator for this practice. This Goddess is in any form fine-looking and wonderful. The Goddess made known: Parties, today between any trials and travails that might be encountered we mediate a difference of opinion and vision.

Kindly put into mind that in no way I will provide a proposal and formulate obligatory actions to the issue at hand. Benevolently, there are rules to carry out: First, under the Florida Rules for Certified and Court-Appointed Mediators, Rule 10. 330(c) I shall not in any manner, neither receive nor accept a gift, favor, loan, or other item of value in this process. Any favorable fad that might be offered shall rule this course of action be brought into a halt. Second, under the Florida Rules for Certified and Court-Appointed Mediators, Rule 10. 340(b) obliges me to disclose any potential conflict of interests.

Since I am the goddess, I assume an equal position on the subject for I am the Beauty and Power in all structure itself. It is in my significance to procure this arbitration to carry on with my existence. And to satisfy the conditions set by this rules, I will allow the two parties to progress toward a resolution as justified by Rule 10. 310(b) and in no means shall I have the right to interfere with such since my sole responsibility is to reduce obstacles to communication, assist in the identification of issues and exploration of alternatives as specified in Rule 10.

220. With all this, as the Goddess of Beauty and Power I will in all diligence bestow my uncompromising integrity and impassioned advocacy in this mediation. The convention was set and so if parties are acquiescent to the rules we will now ensue the mediation. Parties will be having the opportunity to take the floor. With this, each shall speak before this process their position, what would they like to achieve, and any other issues presumably measurable with the subject matter. Humanely, let us maintain proper demeanor. Listening would be the key to understanding.

Problems Blondes I am the true enigma of beauty, with my hair that shines with the finniest strand of wellness. That is the reason why even before when the TV was invented, in the 15th and 16th Century in Italy, women were dying their hair blond. Womens desire to resemble the pronounce aptness of having flaxen hair was a vogue. And so Barbie became the superstar doll in the planet. A miniature copy of blondes with small waist, large breasts, and blue eyes”is an unswerving, pragmatic, and rational response why the Blondes symbolize beauty.

Well, Brunettes may say that brunette dolls were also created on the latter part of time, but then it only shows that Brunettes is a second rater, to think that manufacturers took time before realizing whats with Brunettes beauty. Principally, I dont like Brunettes beauty being leveled with mine, Brunette has now invaded the Television, Print Ads and Magazine which I dont think is right since Ive already assumed the top position of exquisiteness, Brunette doesnt consider that I may feel harmed because of her immense move that threaten reputation.

Basically, I want Brunettes not competing with my attractiveness, Brunettes intelligence surely has opted me to deal with the matter as Brunettes Incursion made me look bad at times. Brunettes I have not invaded Blondes position, since I was made to be on top by people who believed that my Brunettes hair matched by my exotic beauty is a masterpiece. It might be true that she was first made to be a doll, truly darling, charismatic beauty that she might possess. But people evolve and so the standards of Beauty.

Since she was dethroned from the position she initially had I dont put it in the way that I overran Blondes spot in the society. Blondes might as well consider that my beauty is universal since I won a lot of Ms. Universe titles with my crowning glory put into place with elegance. Blondes Bluntness, at times impairs my feelings as well, especially when Blondes Confidence overflows against mine. With this, I covet for Blondes to face the reality that she is not anymore in the throne of beauty. Just let Blondes leave the position to me, since Blondes beauty has been there long enough it is time for Blondes beauty rest.

Discussion The following are only some of the issues perceptible on the matter: 1. ) Since Blondes and Brunettes fancy for the same affair it is apparent that an objective based solution can not be put into practice. This is for the reason that pursuing what they want which is the same, triggers that it would likely end up on having one winner and that is not the purpose of this mediation. 2. ) Brunette pushing Blondes on the Beauty Scale and Blondes doing the same thing to Brunette, establish a particular and concrete issue which on the hand, the parties see coming about in a different way.

3. ) There are some issues of little factors (Bluntness Moves, etc. ) that add big to the problem which needs to be solved. Primarily, the subsequent step is to letting the parties become conscious that there both of them should feel successful in this mediation not leaving anyone behind. Mediator: Well, I see a continuous conflict between the two of you which transpires everyday as you live your life on earth. My deep concern is for us to find out why this is palpable to take place. I think we need to look at the collective cause of all this¦

Blondes: As the world continues to evolve, Ive noticed Brunettes coming through Hollywood and making arrangements on doing movies, print and TV advertisements the same things that I craft, which is just fine at first but when I read in the gossip magazine that she plans to make every Blondes feel that she owns it all, that pushed my alarm. Brunettes: That is not so true; I worked my way hard enough to get into that position and did not in any way pilfer prior arrangements of yours. I am just getting my piece of cake.

It just so happen that when I stumble into a gossip magazine, I read that you find Brunettes doesnt have the talent as Blonde possesses. Blondes: Think again! Im just doing my job because people find my beauty very suitable for them to be entertained and informed as well. I just accepted the offer for Blondes which they discover to very pleasing to their eyes. Brunettes: You did not say in an interview that I am not talented? Blondes: No I did not. I heard you were the one backstabbing me by saying that Brunettes just got it all unlike Blondes.

Brunettes: So why dont we get rid of that gossip magazine? So you can work your stuff and Ill do mine without any ridiculous side comments from a gossip magazine? Blondes: That cant be! They make and break us, why just we do more nasty sayings against each other for us to be more popular? The mediator is extremely crucial at this point since the parties ascertained a core issue initially not taken into account. This may bring further variance later on. Mediator: The arguments were by far very interesting, but let us not generate auxiliary problems.

To be definite that I get your point let me reaffirm your statements: Blondes, you stipulated that Brunette tries to push you away from the limelight because of the gossip youve read in the Magazine that Brunettes would take over your entire career. Brunettes, you sense it not good that Blondes find Brunettes not as talented as they like what youve read in the gossip magazine. This made you realize that all along the two of you may not have any problem with one anothers existence. Let us continue on what Blondes work is all about.

This is the time to make compromising into action, finding some common ground for both parties in which they would understand that the origin of their problem is not removable but can be settled by letting them to come into conclusion. Caucus is significant at this point of mediation. Its main purpose is to know whether the parties have qualms not wanting to be addressed to the other party. Also, this is the time they can they create special consideration they are willing to fulfill. Caucus with Blondes Mediator: I truly understand how you feel Blondes.

To be recognized in the scene of stardom is very essential. Do you have any matter you are akin to unveil between the two of us only? Blondes: Probably, I just felt that Brunettes might one day take all the glory in the limelight and not even a single shed will be bound to Blondes. Brunettes: Well, I just want to clear things that I never pushed the Blondes away, not even try to challenge their position in the industry; I know theyve been there and I respect their beginnings. I just work hard and do my best all the time.

As it seems both of the parties are now kind of released their disputes, it is apparent though that they find the other party to have been the one who started the conflict. Third Parties Importance of third parties in mediation is highly significant. It is a unique method to let the parties recognize what effect they bring on third parties. On this process the third party present was 37 year old Lina Casimiro, a bald cancer patient, who is undergoing chemotherapy sessions. Some benefits of having a second mediator for the Parties/Participants are: a.

The mediation team can represent disputants diverse characteristics (e. g. male/female, Anglo/Hispanic, older/younger, etc. ) b. A disputant has a better chance of feeling a sense of trust with at least one of the two mediators. c. The disputants have the advantage of the combined skills of two mediators, whose skills usually enhance and complement each other. d. Co-mediators can model co-operative problem-solving and direct-as in as a director or speaking directly to disputants. e. There is a better check on mediators biases or shortcomings. And for the Mediator: a.

Having a partner eases the load and tension of mediation, especially in difficult cases and multi-party situations b. Tasks can be comfortably divided when mediators are intentionally paired (e. g. a person skilled at handling emotions matched with a person skilled at practical problem solving). c. A team is less likely to be co-opted by a party . d. Co-mediators can learn new techniques from each other in the process. e. Sessions can be debriefed and strategies planned with a Co-mediator. f. A less experienced mediator can work with a more experienced mediator.

The concept of bring a bald woman with cancer divulges the neglect of what a hair she wears literally but how she lives her life as a person without any representation of being any of the parties. Moreover, co-mediation, it is a recognized fact in the construction industry that if a mediator has technical knowledge of the major issues involved in the dispute, there is a greater chance that the mediator will be able to bring the parties together to reach an amicable settlement. Lina can bring a new light into the dispute since she manages a different lifestyle as compared to the parties. Mediator

I would like to bring in my co-mediator, Lina Casimiro, she is a cancer patient, and is now undergoing some chemotherapy session which is noticeable due to the baldness. I hope that she can make possible a more successful mediation process by providing some insights on some of the issues we are discussing. Blonde, you may now continue¦ Blondes: Well, somehow I still think that Brunettes would like to assume the position of being the best beauty in the world. Since, when I look into different medium of exposures, she is always there, and though she would not totally eradicate us, she imposes to lessen our limelight.

Brunettes: I am doing my work because it is my passion not because I want to harm Blondes! Moderator: May I know Blondes, if you ever wonder why Brunette entered the scenario in one way or another as you feel, taken away something from you? Lina: In my situation, where I must not think when will I die, the best possible way to somehow lessen that burden is to entertain myself by watching TV or reading magazines, its good to see variety of beautiful people as I may not see them again in the near future. Blondes: Thats really touching to know.

Do you still find Blondes beautiful? Lina: Of course, all the time and even Brunettes too. Brunettes: I told you Blondes, the standard of beauty is fast evolving and so the thinking and appreciation of people. So may I ask how do you find the difference between Brunettes and Blondes? Lina: Hair color is not really important chiefly when you have nothing to spare with like me. But those who have like you Brunettes and Blondes, your crowning glory dont define you as a person, but how you live as a person of either a light-colored or dark colored hair.

A healthy competition indeed, is what makes the world exciting and worth living. One cant live without the other. As for me, that time is the essence; all is beautiful all is fine, as long as we breathe and we appreciate. We may have difficult times because we are different, but we settle on one thing, that we are here to take lifes challenges. Blondes: Im happy that we, in our own little way become life support for others. Brunettes: I honestly feel that too. The mediation process now has the prowess of a positive outlook.

The parties are now on the process of re-evaluating their roles in this conflict and openly received answers from a third party for the issue they initially unlocked. With this, they were able to find more about themselves, and how important a life is to another. The Parties come to the stage of comprehending that life on Earth has sought to address the needs of man as man and not merely of man in so far as to be more than them. Mediation will still proceed until the Blondes and Brunettes relate that beauty is not about who has more and who possesses less but instead it is to mettle with rigorous challenges that may come your way.

Both parties accept the friendly and healthy competitions that relatively occur in a more positive manner. Conclusion: This case is about the generality of people that perceive Brunettes and Blondes as different human beings. Perhaps, it may also be a crate with regards to racism. What was brought out here is the fact that in our lives and as our culture dictates, subject with consideration to higher forms of beauty or any other things become a national and even universal debate on belief and points of view.

Third parties in mediation process shed a different light in the matter concerned and being discussed in mediation. There presence in the process voluntarily widens the perception of the parties as they bring in their own. Problems have solutions as well as their causes. For some reason, the cause is not initially perceived by the parties involved. With that affair on the table, comes Mediation which in so many ways would incur the initial issue that must have been first resolved.

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