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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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In recent times, the media had been one of the most common sources of the images that we have in our minds. This social institution had been actively presenting what is right and what is wrong in terms of the physical images of our body. In some way, media have posted the criteria in which the society follows of what is beautiful and what is ugly. A few years back, the media had been starting to post awareness of the body that each of us have. An awareness of how to take care of the body had been one of the few steps in which they took in order for the media to present its viewers what is right about body image.

Although the media had been continuously influencing the society of what must be right and what is wrong, it is still an individuals decision if he or she must change his body or not. The concept of body image is a vague definition in which even practitioners and scientists do not exactly know particular ideas connected to it because it could encompass many conceptions. It is stated in the book Body Image written by Thomas Cash and Thomas Pruzinsky, Despite its long history, the concept of body image has remained rather elusive, in part because it has meant different things to different scientists and practitioner. (Cash and Pruzinsky p. 7, 2004).

The definition of body image could be under the concepts of weight satisfaction, size perception accuracy, body satisfaction, appearance satisfaction, appearance evaluation, appearance orientation, body esteem, body concern, body dysphoria, body dsymphoria, body schema, body percept, body distortion, body image, body image disturbance, and body image disorder ( Cash and Pruzinsky, p. 7, 2004). With these concepts given, body image is a theory that is related to psychological and personal point of view of an individual about his or her self.

With such vast branches of body image, this gives individuals few responsibilities in order for the body to have proper caring. When body image come into my mind, the concept of weight and the image portrayed by an individual becomes the most significant thoughts that I see. The responsibility of a person with his or her body is very important in order to maintain body image. Every person must take responsibility of their personal health due to some reasons. One of the few reasons that these people set are the physical image they portray to the society.

Having a good physical body would surely create an image in which people would see as healthy. Having the exact and proportionate body would present people that and individual is taking good care of his or her body. He or she maybe assumed to have proper exercise and exact food in take in which allows him or her to have a fit body. However, it must be understood that every person has a different body type and not only those are thin and fit are healthy but also those people that do not have illness and exudes a bright aura.

Most people become a victim of their body. In terms of eating, people became slaves of food which therefore ruins the physical body that we have. Having too much food intake is one of the most common things problems of the society. The excessive consumption of food had been one of the leading causes of obesity in the United States however; this issue is not only caused by excessive food intake but could also be caused by stress and issues. In some studies shown, people who are obese often have issues which could cause their excessive food intake.

One very good example of this issue was Oprah Winfrey. The famous television host was very blunt about her weight gain and weight lost. She have admitted to the public that her weight was caused by some issues and for her to pacify her emotions, food became her way to cope which then lead to the drastic changes she had in her body. Currently, she has been one of the popular Hollywood personalities in which advocates healthy living and correct body image. (Garson, 2004) Stress is one of the major causes of individuals why they forget themselves in terms their health.

The fast paced life people have been the reasons of the stress related sickness in which could lead to dangerous or deadly diseases. Although it is not known to many, stress could be one of the major causes of various diseases. Emotional stress could lead to simple headache, colds and fever if the problem had really caused emotional trouble. Not being able to have time management skill would only cause many stress problems. Time if not managed well could lead to many consequences such as sickness, lost of social life and being emotionally apart with family.

Not being able to do the tasks set for the day only leads to unfinished office work of activities. Things that could be done today should be able to be done immediately because upon doing so, this will lead for an individual would be able to have free time for him or her self and also for their family. I personally had experienced this type of stress at work. I was seriously working until the dead hours of the night and only had a few sleep. I was stress by the deadlines I had to do but still I need to sleep and eat nutritious food.

But then, I had a difficult time managing my time so after a few weeks I became sick. Instead of me doing my deadline in the right time, all of it was moved because of the stress I had. I was not able to work for days which lead to overflowing work that needed to do when I went back to work. After that experience, I thought that I must be able to manage my time thus making more time for myself and my health. It is not good that I become used to being stressed. I personally do not like being sick because somehow it makes a person helpless and useless at the same time.

I am young and I do not think that my body is one of the problems which I could encounter. Now I have realized that being young is not a reason for me to not take care of my own body but this moment should be something that would encourage me to take care of my body not only physically but emotionally and mentally. A book inspired me and stated that, Decide how you spend your time. Dont let other people, circumstances or habit decide for you (Cook, p. 1, 1999). In conclusion, everyone must learn how to take care of the body. It is not only through physical healthy but also in emotional and psychological health.

However an individual emotionally feels, these will be evident within the body. It is either he or she will acquire sickness which could be immediately resolved could cause harsh effects to the body. One of the ways to cope stress is to properly manage the time that we have everyday. If needed, an individual must learn from self help books in order to learn some tips to lead them to a better time management skill. However even if an individual is very enthusiastic in learning to manage his or her time, all the issues that he or she personally have must first be resolved.

It is not enough for an individual to just pacify one issue in his or her life. In order to have a good body image the soul, the mind and the body must first be together and united. With such, a person could attain peace and contentment. Body image is not only a concept that we must attained physically but also in other perceptions. It is not enough that the society sees an individual as beautiful and healthy but it must how the individual sees him or her self. Having a healthy body is a gift for every human being therefore; it must be taken good care.

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