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Published: 2020-02-23 22:50:51
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Vision People working together as one global company for aerospace leadership Boeing- The future of flight.

Mission To be the number one aerospace company in the world and among the premier industrial concerns in terms of quality, profitability and growth

Objectives To achieve the above goals and fulfil Boeings mission, the following objectives will guide company:

¢ Continuous improvements in quality of products and processes: Our commitment to steady, long-term improvement in our products and processes is the cornerstone of our business strategy. To achieve this objective, we must work to continuously improve the overall quality of our design, manufacturing, administrative, and support organizations.

¢ A highly skilled and motivated workforce: Our most important resource is our human resource: the people who design and build our products and service our customers. Given the right combination of skills, training, communications, environment, and leadership, we believe our employees will achieve the needed gains in productivity and quality to meet our goals.

¢ Capable and focused management To employ our technical and human resources with optimum efficiency, we must ensure that managers are carefully selected, appropriately trained, and work together to achieve our long-range goals.

¢ Technical excellence In a world of fast-challenging technology, we can only remain competitive by continuously refining and expanding our technical capability.

¢ Financial strength The high-risk, cyclical nature of our business demands a strong financial base. We must retain the capital resources to meet our current commitments and make substantial investments to develop new products and new technology for the future. This objective also requires contingency planning and control to ensure the company is not overextended should a severe economic downturn occur the plan period.

¢ Commitment to integrity Integrity, in the broadest sense, must pervade our actions in all relationships, including those with our customers, suppliers, and each other. This is a commitment to uncompromising values and conduct. It includes compliance with all laws and regulations.

Boeing- Airbus market share

The rivalry between these giants, the only manufacturers of large medium or long-range passenger aircraft, has today reached epic proportions. Airbus overtook Boeing five years ago to be number one, mostly through the success of its medium capacity long-haul Airbus A-330 and its shorter-range variations such as the A-340. This market share pie-chart of the two head to head competitors-Boeing and Airbus shows that Airbus is leading at the moment.

Even though the number of orders is higher with Airbus in 2004 but the total revenues of Boeing is still much higher than that of Airbus. This is due to the fact that Boeing gains profit from other activities such as military aerospace, defence, and space businesses. With the launch of Airbus A380, the market share in the coming year will have slightly a change which is better for Airbus. However, Boeing will be able to regain its market share thanks to the new model of 7E7, Dreamliner and making the competition more aggressive.

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